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Ms. Cheezious Debuts Trio Of New Melts

Ms. Cheezious Food Truck

My first question when I go up to the Ms. Cheezious food truck is, what special is there today? The truth is I probably already know what it is because of Twitter but I need confirmation so I can make an educated Sandwich decision.

Once a week Ms. Cheezious parks a few blocks from my house which is usually when I hit them up. The night before their weekly stop there, I saw their Facebook page mentioning 3 new “Melts” on Zak the Baker’s Organic Artisan Bread and I was like “Ay Dios mio”. The three new sandwiches were a Buffalo Chicken Melt, a Caprese Melt and a Short Rib Melt. I was forced to, well not really forced but I did order all three.

Zak the Baker’s Bread takes their sandwiches to another level. There’s a new crunchiness and just plain freshness to the vehicles that deliver the Ms. Cheezious goods. The Short Rib Melt was my favorite of the three, mostly cause I’m a sucker for pickled red onions AND Short Rib. The Buffalo Chicken Melt with its shredded Chicken was my wife’s favorite. And even though I’m not a big Tomato fan I did find myself craving the Caprese Melt later on, the fresh Mozzarella was a definite contributor to my craving.

Buffalo Chicken Melt
Buffalo Chicken Melt
Braised Short Rib, Jack Cheese & Pickled Caramelized Onions Melt
Braised Short Rib, Jack Cheese & Pickled Caramelized Onions Melt
Caprese Melt w/ Balsamic Pesto
Caprese Melt w/ Balsamic Pesto

Three new sandwiches from Ms. Cheezious in one day…….sounds to me like someone is testing out New Sandwiches for the Ms. Cheezious restaurant.

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  • well im a sucker for caprese…also because it has the pesto and i thought the pesto melt was the besto (hah!), and i look fwds to trying all three!

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