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Fatburger Frozen Patties Now Available At Walmart

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Unfortunate for us in South Florida, the 2 Fatburger locations (Coral Gables & Miami Beach) we had closed up shop…..enter Fatburger’s Frozen Patties to keep your beefy desires at bay.

The 1/3 lb. Burgers come 6 to a pack and include instructions on the back for preparation. You will find the Fatburger Patties exclusively at 3100 Walmarts across the U.S.

I’m interested in trying these to see if they do taste just like Fatburger. If you get your hands on them, let me know how it goes.

Thanks to Ellen Fried for the heads up about this.

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  • MrCris

    Ughh…just make your own burger for god sake.

  • lauren


  • Pork McShutty

    i LOVE fatburgers. I think their burgers at their restaurant are one of the best around. So I bought these. OH MY GOD. Perhaps I got a bad batch, or maybe this one spoiled on the ay to the store. I dont know, but the patties i arte were the worst of ALLTIME!!! They had this taste of cheap meat I will never forget, ever. SOmewhat reminsicent of those horrible plastic wrapped refrigerated pre cooked burgers you mistakenly bought at a convenicne store as a kid, only worse. There is NO way this is the meat they uise at thr restaurant, EVER! This is some cheap horrible meat they are selling and using the Fatburger name on, but is nothing like the burgers themselves. Fatbugerr owes me an apology, and a new colon!

  • snowflakx

    Realy? We’ve bought them at Walmart and they were the best frozen burger patties we’ve had. We make our own too, but these are the best otherwise, just sayin’.

    • Rudy Huckleberry

      I LOVE them. It’s pretty difficult to mess these up!

  • guest081

    Grill them and add your preferred toppings according to the stacking order on the box. These are amazing! One of my favorite things about summer.

  • Bobbie Blackman

    We liked them but walmart in Texas dosn’t handle them anymore

  • Bob Thorson

    They are awful and do not seem to be real beef. They looked freezer burnt and had an odd, rubbery texture when cooked. I would not buy these again.

  • John Howard

    These are great and at $2.50lb reasonably priced. I don’t think there’s anything magical about them, just not super lean beef. “Fat” – get it? It makes them cook up juicy but they shrink a lot. Great for a quick lunch.

  • Tavor Brown

    These are horrible. I had to throw them away.

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