La Rosa – West Flagler, Florida

Since 1970 La Rosa has been serving Cuban Cuisine in the West Flagler area of Miami, right near Miami International Airport. Less than a block from here is another one of my Cuban comfort food favorites, El Caribe Cafe. My family gathers once a week for dinner at La Rosa, usually on Sunday afternoons. I rarely attend these meals just because I find that La Rosa’s dining room is tight on space and I don’t feel like enjoying a meal under the pressure of a Star Wars New Hope compactor environment. As I was driving home from Brickell on NW 7th St (my preferred route) and drove by La Rosa, I saw the sign proclaiming La Rosa Delivers. I stored that in my #meatmemory banks to use on the proper occasion.

A few days later.

What to eat…..what to eat…..oh yes! La Rosa delivers! I went online to their site and after I turned off that music that accompanies the visit I checked out el menu. My folks have dropped off some to go on occasion so I am familiar with a few of the dishes.  The delivery was pretty quick, it took about 30 minutes. The guy who brought the food was in full waiter gear with a tie. He must have been hating life making a delivery in that outfit. Don’t worry I gave him a good tip, don’t stare into the sun (just kidding).

I decide on some Tostones, Black Beans & White Rice, a Medianoche, a Bistec Milanesa and an order of Chicharrones de Pollo. The Tostones (double fried Sweet plantains) at La Rosa are gigantic. If you’re starving you could probably eat one of these as if you were shoveling popcorn in your mouth but it would not be a good idea if you plan on eating something else. A dipping sauce of some sort would have taken this over the edge. Los Frijoles Negros con Arroz Blanco (Black Beans & Rice) is probably close to if not the best I’ve ever had. The Black Beans & Rice come in two separate containers so you can add the beans to the rice according to your desired preference. I don’t soup it up right away. I usually add the beans gradually as I eat. The Medianoche had one major flaw, mozzarella cheese. I’m more of a Medianoche guy than a Cuban Sandwich person. I prefer the sweet toasted roll with the combination of Swiss Cheese, Pork and Ham. It’s as much a Medianoche as Sarussi’s is a Cuban, so not really. It was a good filling sandwich though.

La Rosa's Tostones

La Rosa’s Tostones

La Rosa's Frijoles Negros con Arroz

La Rosa’s Frijoles Negros con Arroz

La Rosa's Medianoche

La Rosa’s Medianoche

To open the styrofoam container and see this beauty of a Cheese, Ham, and Breaded Steak was a blessing from the cholesterol gods. I’ve never had a more tender breaded steak in my life. I could have pulled off the pieces with two fingers if I wanted to eat it savage style. I wasn’t too keen on the sauce but I would definitely revisit this in Chicken Milanesa form minus the tomato based dressing. The Chicharrones de Pollo (Fried Chicken Chunks) I had were boneless but are available with bones if that tickles your fancy. I always order these and I do mean always. The Chunks have a great light breading, are fried perfectly and are never greasy. The picture does not do them justice as there was some condensation buildup inside of the container they came in, do not confuse that for oiliness.

La Rosa's Bistec Milanesa

La Rosa’s Bistec Milanesa

La Rosa's Chicharron de Pollo

La Rosa’s Chicharron de Pollo

My parents rave about the Oriental Fried Rice “La Rosa” and homemade Beef Croquetas. I’ve added those to the meat memory log so I should try them very soon. Who knows? I may build up the courage to eat there once I get over my irrational fears. A great Croqueta can make you do crazy things like that.

Delivery Time:

La Rosa Restaurant
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