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Un Macdona Cheeseburger for Lunch at Bread & Butter Counter

Un Macdona Cheeseburger on the Menu
Un Macdona Cheeseburger on the Menu

I’ve been to Bread + Butter Counter before but for dinner*. I had a tough decision to make which was made much easier once I saw “Un Macdona Cheeseburger” on the Lunch menu. Chef Alberto Cabrera is a funny motherfucker. Westchester didn’t have many Macdonas when I was growing up so I was more of a Burge Qui kid by default (87th and Coral Way). Un Macdona is a great approximation of how older Cubans pronounced McDonald’s, in case you didn’t pick up on what he meant. The Un Macdona Cheeseburger came with a side of freshly made Mariquitas, no Papitas here. The Burger does look beautiful in the picture below but I removed the Tomato, the thinly sliced red Onions and house Pickles. I think I heard someone in the kitchen cry when I did that. My first bite took me back to Burger flavors from when I was a kid. In lieu of a Special Sauce, there’s Steak Sauce & Mustard, an odd mix that works well. Swiss Cheese was an interesting choice for this Burger. Swiss is one of my favorite Cheeses, only bested in my eyes by Gruyere and possibly Manchego. The Burger works on many levels and would appease even the most critical of Burger fans. This is definitely one of the Top 10 Burgers in South Florida. Miami, welcome a new Burger Masterpiece to the fold.

P.S.: This Macdona does not come in a styrofoam container which keeps the hot side hot and the cold side cold a la McDLT.

Un Macdona Cheeseburger
Un Macdona Cheeseburger

* My original visit to Bread + Butter Counter

Lunch It Is:

Bread + Butter (Pan con Mantequilla) is CLOSED
2330 Salzedo Avenue Coral Gables, FL 33134

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