My Frita Adventure

It’s true. Until last week, I had never tasted the cubana hamburger better known as a Frita. When Burger Beast announced his Frita Showdown, I knew this was one gathering not to be missed!

Coming from a Sicilian heritage, I was raised in the kitchen with all types of comfort food. I decided to do some research before the trip south and found that my Frita experience would include fresh baked cuban rolls, ground beef patties with chorizo and smoked paprika, onions and  topped with crispy matchstick fries (some out of the can). Sometimes Cheese (although there is much debate our there about this!).

Burger Beast  handpicked five of his favorite classic frita spots for the event: El Mago de las Fritas, El Rey de las Fritas, Cuban Guys, Luis Galindo’s Latin American and Sergio’s. The Fritass were judged after a blind tasting by chefs Alberto Cabrera (Bread +Butter Counter) and  Giorgio Rapicavoli (Eating House), TV cooking personality Ingrid Hoffman, and food events expert Randy Fisher.

El Rey de las Fritas won the coveted spatula trophy (a really cool award). But in my adventure, Luis Galindo’s Latin American Bakery & Cafe was the bomb, and yes… the cheese did it for me. Fresh baked bread, perfectly seasoned meat that was packed with flavor, crispy salted match stick potatoes, caramelized onions and melted cheese. All the flavors stood out, and their version of the Cuban Hamburger was increíblemente fantástica.


My favorite Frita: Luis Galindo’s Latin American Bakery & Cafe stated “we strive to be different and think outside the box”.


Knowing Burger Beast, the desserts would be amazing. Don’t you just want to eat these photos? Again, Luis Galindo’s Latin American Bakery & Cade created my favorite, a duo of Crème brûlée and a dos leches cookie. The desserts alone warrant another trip down south to check out their cafe and bakery.

Latin American Bakery & Cafe

Luis Galindo's Latin American Cafe & Bakery

Latin American Bakery & Cafe


The adventure continues. Next up, creating my own Frita at home. Special thanks to  Sef & Marcela for the invitation and to Jason Leidy | MRA Photography for these amazing photos. – Burger Belle

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