Last Chance To Grab A Shake Shack Corn Dog This Year

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The Shake Shack Corn Dog’s final appearance for the year will be this weekend (Fri Aug 30th – Mon Sept 2nd). It’s one of two Labor Day Weekend Specials available at all the U.S. Shack locations. The other special, the Peach Pie Oh My Concrete features frozen custard blended with Peach Pie from The Sugar Monkey in West Palm Beach. The Shack Corn Dog will set you back $4.50 with the Peach Pie Oh My Concrete costing $4.25 for a regular and $6.50 for a double.

  • actionmoviefreak

    Oh My Concrete? I don’t get it . . . is it hard and inedible?

    • A Concrete is Frozen Custard that has something, in this case Peach Pie mixed into it.