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New York Grilled Cheese Company – Wilton Manors, Florida

I remember reading about New York Grilled Cheese when it opened up and then it slipped my mind til’ Rick reminded me about it a week ago. I knew it was located on the same strip mall as Bill’s Filling Station and To The Moon Marketplace in Wilton Manors. I drove around the front and found empty spaces but I remembered this strip mall had parking spots in the back. And yes, there it was. Ding!

Back Door

I was by myself so I tried to act civilized by having only one side item and 2 Grilled Cheeses. The Poutine was excellent. What I loved best about it is when I reached the bottom, the fries were in a pool of gravy marinating. So f’in good I hate them for it.

Small Poutine
Small Poutine

Each of the Grilled Cheeses came with a shooter of their Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque to be used for dunking or in my case drinking after each bite. The spoon that came with them was just not working out for me. I ordered the Meat Packing District Melt (American Cheese, Zesty Horseradish Chive Cheddar Cheese, Aioli, Slow Roasted Beef Brisket & Caramelized Onions on Country Loaf) and SoHo Sweet Cheeses (Brie Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Crunchy Bacon & Berry Marmalade on Oatmeal Wheat Bread). Your first thoughts upon laying eyes on the pictures are probably that they come on waffles but it’s an illusion. They apparently use waffle makers to toast the sandwiches which gives the bread a great added texture.

I’m usually of the thinking, the meatier the better when it comes to sandwiches but this is one of those cases where it wasn’t. The MPD Melt had a bunch of flavors swirling around but they didn’t connect with me as much as the SoHo Sweet Cheeses’ did. Don’t get me wrong, I’d eat another MPD Melt without hesitation but if comparing the two, the SoHo Sweet Cheeses takes el queso for me. The Berry Marmalade and just how crunchy the Bacon really was stood out on my first bite and continued throughout. It’s a great…great sandwich. Yes, great.

Meat Packing District Melt
Meat Packing District Melt
SoHo Sweet Cheeses!
SoHo Sweet Cheeses!

I figure after about 2 more trips to New York Grilled Cheese Company I can work my way through the rest of the menu. I’d like to try the Bacon Lollipops, the Jalapeño Poppers, the Wall Street Grindr Award Sandwich (but I will not be using the App it’s named after while doing so) and even the scarily titled Hot Pork Sundae. What about you?

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