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The Local Craft Food & Drink – Coral Gables, Florida

The Original Post (November 2013):

The first thing I ever had from the Local Craft Food & Drink was their Burger during the Burgerliscious competition. At that time Alberto Cabrera was the Chef before he opened up his own spot a few blocks away. It seemed as if for a little while after he left they were going through a transition period when the food was off. It wasn’t until recently when I resumed eating at the Local.

If they’ve got the house-made Cuban Crackers with the Ham Pâté (really a pasta de bocadito) and Pimento Cheese, engage. It’s great to snack on while having one of their many Craft Beers. The Chicken Wings with the Blue Cheese Lime Crema or the Rosemary/Parmesan Hand-Cut Fries with Truffle Oil are both solid starters too. You can’t go wrong with either and I find the Fries are better without the Truffle Oil, but that’s me. I also had a great Tomato Soup with an open face “Grilled Cheese” once.

Cuban Crackers withHam Pâté & Pimento Cheese
Cuban Crackers withHam Pâté & Pimento Cheese
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Fresh Cut Fries
Hand-Cut Fries

You gotta remember to take a gander at the Chalkboard and see what kinda food specials are on. Sometimes you’ll come across some gems like the Lamb Ribs or the Meatloaf Sandwich.

Lamb Ribs
Lamb Ribs, Special on Chalk Board
Meatloaf Sandwich, Daily Special
Meatloaf Sandwich, Special on Chalk Board

I’ve never ordered anything other than the Burger as my main dish. The Burger (Meyer All Natural Beef) topped with Cheddar, Cheese, Benton Farms Ham, Onions, B&B Pickles, & the Local BBQ Sauce on a nicely toasted Brioche Bun. You also have the option of throwing a Lake Meadow Farm’s Fried Egg on top, which I’ve been known to do from time to time. Great Burger so don’t let the LTO get in your way of enjoying it.

Local Burger
Local Burger

Again, much like the Burger, the Glazed Doughnut Bread Pudding (Salted Caramel/Brown Butter Crème Anglaise) is the only dessert I’ve eaten at the Local. When I’ve got some space left in the tank then I put in the order. If not I sit, unbutton my belt, look around and take everything in.

Glazed Doughnut Bread Pudding
Glazed Doughnut Bread Pudding

The Local is also a great spot to watch sporting events or to just meet up with your friends for a cold beer to shoot the shit. I should know, I’m a great shit shooter.

Updated Post (September 2015):

The Local In Coral Gables, Southern Comfort Food At Its Finest


Everyone’s Doing It:

The Local Craft Food & Drink
150 Giralda Ave Coral Gables, FL 33134

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