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Is The Bâoli Burger Miami’s Most Expensive Burger?

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Bâoli Burger

A $65 Burger? Yup. Bâoli’s Bâoli Burger is made from fresh kobe beef with heirloom tomatoes, foie gras, black truffle slices, warm brioche bread, and served with truffle fries. As far as I know this is the most expensive Burger in Miami. Anybody out there eat one yet or must I be the first person to try it out?

$65 Plus Tax & Tip:

1906 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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  • That Guy

    lol if prime 112 adds truffle and fois to their burger i think they would win =p

  • If you can vouch that this is real Kobe beef, I will go and eat this burger!!

  • randyguthrie

    Doesnt grinding the beef defeat the whole purpose of a Kobe steak? Why not just throw some extra fat in the grinder? I always buy cheapo ground chuck at Publix since I know the only difference is the fat content which melts off anyway.

    • My biggest problem is the unnecessary overkill of Kobe Beef, Truffle and Foie Gras.

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