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The Federal – MIMO – CLOSED

Federal McNuggets

El Rey de las Fritas

I can’t begin to tell you the countless amount of times I’ve driven by the Federal and told myself, I’ll go there next week. They are also always doing different themed dinners which I never seem to be available for. My wife Marcela and I decided that Thursday night would be the night that we would hit up the Federal. As luck would have it (or lack thereof) it was raining badly but we had to persevere and make this happen finally. We arrived just as it had become a light drizzle.

The Federal had a great vibe inside, I felt like I was visiting a close friend for dinner. We felt comfortable there which for me is an important factor in whether I’d like to make return visits.

The Federal Menu

The Federal recently release a new menu that featured a Burger called the Phatburger. Well, maybe I felt it was a feature 🙂 This being our first time here I ordered a bunch of dishes to kinda get a feel for what’s going on. There was a special dish for the day that featured Butternut Squash which Marcela loved and I never got to try, I was too busy with everything else. Those BBQ’d Deviled Eggs with Pulled Pork were so good and just plain addictive. I could have popped ’em in my mouth like tic tacs or at least I wish I would have, Marcela took even more of liking to them than I did.

If the nuggets in those fast food joints tasted like the Federal McNuggets I’d probably be camping out in their drive thrus waiting for lunch & dinner to be served, great Honey Mustard too. The Buttermilk Bizkit (which you should also order to go) was still excellent the next morning with my coffee. I’ve never had Fried Chicken that had such a potent smoke taste coming through, dip it in the hot sauce and you’ll be in heaven after just one bite.

And the Phatburger? Well, besides being impossible to bite unless you can unhinge your jaw was the dish of the night for me. The perfectly cooked runny egg, the pickled serranos, the rich chipotle crema and that Miami Smokers’ Bacon took it over the top. I wish I could have snapped a better picture for you but the lighting was not having any of that.

We finished off the meal with the Bananas Foster Foie Gras. Was there any better way to end this glorious meal than with a dessert topped with Foie Gras and 151 Rum? I think not.

BBQ'd Deviled Eggs
BBQ’d Deviled Eggs
BBQ'd Deviled Eggs
BBQ’d Deviled Eggs Close-Up
Federal McNuggets
Federal McNuggets
Buttermilk Bisket
Buttermilk Bisket
Squash Dish
Butternut Squash Dish
Ceez's Smokey Fried Chicken
Ceez’s Smokey Fried Chicken
Phatburger with #eggdrool
Phatburger with #eggdrool
Bananas Foster Foie Gras
Bananas Foster Foie Gras


The Federal is CLOSED
5132 Biscayne Blvd Miami, Florida 33137

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  • jimwinters

    thats two blocks from my house

    • I know. Maybe we would have called if we would have thought you might pick up.

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