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I grew up eating at Bob’s Big Boy during summers when I visited my grandmother who lived in Glendale, California. I was hoping to recapture some of that magical time in my life by hitting up a Big Boy that I had heard had opened up in Sanford, Florida.

In Feb of 2009 I made a trip to Atlanta with a couple of my buddies to just eat, that’s it. My plan was to stop at the Big Boy on the way up but my pals had other ideas. It made us venture too far west so I was outvoted.

Two years later (during National Hamburger Month) I was able to convince my wife to drive there when we were staying in Orlando, it was just north of there. I was excited during the drive and even more excited when I saw the 8 foot tall Big Boy outside the restaurant. Unfortunately the food did not create that kind of excitement once I ate it. So much so, that I lost any real interest in documenting the experience on here.

8 Foot Tall Big Boy Statue
8 Foot Tall Big Boy Statue
Neon Orange Hot Chicken Strips
Neon Orange Buffalo Style Chicken Tenders
Onion Rings & Fries
Onion Rings & Fries
Club Sandwich
Triple Decker Turkey Club Sandwich

Yes, the Big Boy looks like a Big Mac and no Big Boy did not copy McDonald’s. It was actually the other way around, true story.

Big Boy Burger
Big Boy Burger

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  • tntdaddy

    When I was a kid, I loved their chili spaghetti. (Side note: Miami transplant from Glendale, CA.)

    • Cool. You a Tommy’s Chili Burger fan too?

      • tntdaddy

        Let me put it to you this way: When I fly back to see my family, I go to Tommy’s FIRST, then I go see my family. It’s a tradition.

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