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B&S Gastropub - Kendall, Florida

Before we get into the thick of things, there is free valet parking in the building where B&S Gastropub is located. There you go, now you can’t complain about the parking situation. Onward….

Chef Jorgie Ramos runs the kitchen and his father Jorge runs the front of house. You may remember them from their first restaurant venture together, The Joint which was just blocks away from B&S Gastropub. I unfortunately never made it out to try the Joint, even after all the times that I swore to myself that I would. It was beginning to seem that I was gonna follow the same pattern for B&S Gastropub since they’ve been open for over a year.

I walked right in to B&S Gastropub as they unlocked their doors at 5PM. I love to be the first or one of the first people in a restaurant so I have choice of prime seating. I took a seat right by the window while I waited for my friend to meet me for an early dinner. He showed 45 minutes late but by then I was deep into appetizer territory. *Chef Jorgie sent over some Pad Thai Pig Ears and Suckling Pig Tacos as if I didn’t already have an overflowing table.

The B&S Gastropub’s menu is right on the Burger Beast wavelength. Croquetas made of Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese, yeah I’ll take that. But, the dish that really rocked my world was the Stuffed Portobello Fundido. Imagine this my friends at home……an upside down Portobello Mushroom top stuffed with Chorizo and Machego Cheese Fondue. Ridiculous.

I could have walked away content but then there was this Black & Blue Burger. You can just take one look at the Black & Blue Burger picture and know without a shadow of a doubt that it was on point, loved it.

Somehow I was talked into getting dessert. We ordered the Guava Bread Pudding and the Churro Bites. The Churros tasted more like a Funnel Cake which I’m not a fan of. The Bread Pudding was good and made excellent by the Guava Sauce that must have fallen from the heavens.

Serrano & Manchego Croquetas
Serrano & Manchego Croquetas in a bed of Guava sauce
Blistered Shishito Peppers
Blistered Shishito Peppers – Japanese Sweet Peppers, Asian Glaze & Bread Crumbs
Stuffed Portobello Fundio
Stuffed Portobello Fundio w/Manchego & Chorizo Cheese Fondue
Stuffed Portobello Fundio
Stuffed Portobello Fundio w/Manchego & Chorizo Cheese Fondue
Venison Meat Balls
Venison Meat Balls – 50% Venison, 50% Chorizo w/Spanish Tomato Sauce, Basil Aioli & Manchego Cheese + Grilled Bread
Pad Thai Pig Ears
Pad Thai Pig Ears – Crispy Pig Ears, Pad Thai Sauce, Peanuts, Bean Sprouts & Fried Egg
Chorizo & Manchego Mac & Cheese
Chorizo and Manchego Mac & Cheese
Suckling Pig Tacos
Suckling Pig Tacos – Black Bean Puree, Sweet Plantain Relish, Chimichurri & Cotija Cheese
Black & Blue Burger
Black & Blue Burger – Blacked Burger w/Blue Cheese & Onion Marmalade
Guava Bread Pudding
Guava Bread Pudding
Churro Bites
Churro Bites

If you’re in the area you should drop in at the very least, sit at the bar and enjoy a Craft Beer. Maybe have a Croqueta to wash it down? No pressure.

P.S. In case you were wondering, Manchego Cheese & Chorizo is my Peanut Butter & Jelly.

No BS Here:

9059 Sw 73 Ct Miami, FL 33156

*Chef Jorgie Ramos in probably one of the sneakiest moves ever perpetrated on me, comped my meal and left the restaurant. I argued that I wanted to be charged but was told by the staff there was nothing they could do about it since he was gone. While I appreciate the graceful gesture, I like to pay for my meals and support the local restaurant scene.

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  • September 12, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    B&S is my favorite place! Chef Jorgie, Jorge Sr, & staff are all great. Food heaven everyday!

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