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Burger King & The First 10 Miami Locations #ThrowbackThursday

Burger King's Double Cheeseburger

El Rey de las Fritas

Burger King Logo from 1955 - 1968
Burger King Logo from 1955 – 1968

If you live in Miami and drive with any frequency to the Airport or Miami Beach, I will assume you’ve seen the giant Burger King building located right off of the Dolphin Expressway(SR836) on the NW 57th Street exit. I would also like to assume that you know that Burger King has been headquartered in Miami since 1959 and that it was originally called Insta-Burger King when it was founded in Jacksonville, FL in 1953. But, maybe you don’t.

The first Insta-Burger King location in Miami, FL opened on December 4th, 1954 at 3090 NW 36th Street. It’s no longer there at that same spot, the #1 was moved down the street to 3601 NW 27th Avenue.

Besides Burger King #9 (I have yet to find out where that was located), of the original 10 locations 6 are still operational in the same spots they opened at in the 1950s.

The First 10 Burger Kings in Miami:

  1. 3090 NW 36th Street –  now Cladd Motors
  2. 6091 SW 8th Street – now La Palma Restaurant
  3. 8995 NW 7th Avenue – now a Snapper’s
  4. 30390 S Dixie Hwy (Homestead)
  5. 7975 NW 27th Avenue
  6. 9201 South Federal Highway (Pinecrest)
  7. 3051 Coral Way
  8. 18240 South Dixie Highway (Perrine)
  9. Unknown
  10. 775 E 9 St (Hialeah)

One last fast fact that might interest you, the Whopper was not always on the menu. The Whopper was the creation of James McLamore in 1957. It sold for 37 cents. He was one of the two men who brought Insta-Burger King to Miami and eventually became the co-founder of the Burger King brand a few years later.

When you were a kid, what was your favorite Burger King Burger?

Burger King's Double Cheeseburger
Mine was Burger King’s Double Cheeseburger

Main Source: The Burger King: Jim McLamore and the Building of an Empire – 1997

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  • jimwinters

    the first neon rotosphere was directly across the street at a car lot too, coincidentally

  • Steve

    To continue with the Throwback theme, if you read this article, Burger Beast will give you some Burger King coupons, much like he did when he started his blog.

    • It took you a day and a half to come up with that weak comment? I expected a little more from a closet Fast Food Fan like you.

      • Steve

        Took awhile to read the post. I gotta find my screenshots of the old BB BK giveaways…

  • Gus P.

    Wasn’t bk on sw 8 street and. 2Nd ave Bk #2?

    • I wasn’t around back then but as per James McLamore’s book The Burger King, BK #2 was at 6091 SW 8th Street

  • Miami Don

    When I was a teenager a Double Whopper with Cheese really hit the spot.

  • Carlos_Miller

    I believe La Palma was also a Royal Castle at one point. Never knew it was a BK. I grew up in that neighborhood.

  • irenecharlie

    My favorite burger meal: Two Cheeseburgers with ketsup, Onion and Pickle only and a small fry. Yummmmmm!

  • Redd

    I believe the first was in West Palm Beach on Dixie Highway. Originally called The Burger King, It even had the Burger King character, and existed before Insta Burger.

  • Lee Irwin

    i thought one of the first was at about 1350 nw 27th Ave, Miam

  • Mikey7a

    I was born and spent the first 13 years of my life on 34St. and 32 ave NW Miami. Our Elementary school was called Melrose. It was 2 blocks behind Store #1. I had my 13th birthday party there. I was telling my wife that we lived down the street from the first Burger King, she called me a liar, so glad this article was written.

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