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Burger Beast Burger Brawl Pre-Sale Tickets

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Burger Brawl 2015 - Presale

If you didn’t attend last year’s Burger Beast Burger Brawl you did indeed miss the BEST Burger competition to feature great locally owned businesses.

This year we’re moving the event indoors to Stage 305 at Magic City Casino, the same space where we hosted Croquetapalooza. Don’t worry, all the cooking is done outdoors and the Burgers are brought inside.

We’re also bringing in some restaurants from outside the 305 and 954 but you’ll just have to wait and see who those are on Monday April 6th for the big competitors reveal.

I’ve allotted a portion of the tickets for PRE-SALE at $25 and once those are gone. Guess what? Yes, they’re gone.


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  • NVAlex

    Am looking forward to going. Glad the cooking will be outside. We wouldn’t want another Grind fiasco; great concept, but poor execution (cooking inside, really?!?!).

    • We held this event outdoors last year but after having Croquetapalooza indoors thought it would work better in an indoor space.

  • Javier

    Whats included with the ticket price? I have never been to one

    • The Burger Beast Burger Brawl tickets will get you samples from 20 great Burger Joints, Desserts, Soft Drinks & Water. Also, you must be 21 years of age or older to attend this event.

    • There is no limit.

  • Lars

    So to confirm its 1 sample from each burger joint or can you go back for 2nds?

    • You can go back for 5th if you’re able to. Most people don’t get past 10 or so.

  • FallBackSon

    How long will the tickets be for $35? The Burger Beast Burger Brawl site says it’s $50 so I’m confused?

    • Tickets, if any are left will be $50 at the door. Right now they are $35 until/if they sell out.

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