Cori’s DogHouse – Nashville, Tennessee

When I’m on vacation, it’s a constant search for somewhere to stop and eat. Sometimes the type of food gets me, sometimes it’s the logo or word of mouth that will drive me to check out a restaurant. We (my wife Marcela & I) had just eaten at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken and were on our way back to our hotel room when I spot in the distance a cartoony Hot Dog drawing. I’m feeling like I could go for a Hot Dog so we turn into the parking lot.

We walk into this giant wall of a menu and I take a deep breath as I survey my options. The real truth is, I always go the Chili Cheese Dog route on my first visit to a Wiener establishment so a Cincinnati (Chili Cheese Onion Mustard Dog) it is. I need something to wash that down so I see they have Corn Dogs which are battered and fried to order. Sold! We throw in some fresh cut Fries, a fountain soda and we’re good to go.

Cori's DogHouse's Menu (click to enlarge)

Cori’s DogHouse’s Menu (click to enlarge)

Marcela bows out so it’s a solo BB mission.

I walk over to the fountain machine and I’m overcome with emotion. It can’t be. I call Marcela to show her, there’s RC Cola on “Draft”. She does a bad job of pretending to be excited for me which makes me laugh. It’s been at least 20 years since I last laid eyes on RC Cola available in this format. This alone has made this stop special.

Cori's DogHouse - Nashville, Tennessee

Cori's DogHouse - Nashville, Tennessee

The order is up and I find myself in the presence of two beauties. The buttered New England-style Bun really adds another level of flavor to this great Chili Cheese Onion Dog.

So I take my time with the Corn Dog as I intersperse bites of it with a few of those fresh cut Fries and the slurps of RC Cola tie everything together. I really take in this moment and enjoy it.

Cori's DogHouse - Nashville, Tennessee

Cincinnati – Chili Cheese Onion Mustard Dog

Cori's DogHouse - Nashville, Tennessee

Corn Dog w/Fresh Cut Fries

Now a few days later and after having some time to think about the menu I’m positive that Cori’s DogHouse needs a “Miami Dog” on there. What’s in a Miami Dog? You tell me.

Who’s House? Cori’s House:

Cori’s DogHouse
106 29th Ave N Nashville, TN 37203