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The Wholesome Rollers Food Truck

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Wholesome Rollers Food Truck

In late January my bud Steve asked if I had ever eaten a “Butter Burger” before. My first thought was, how does he even know what a Butter Burger is? Then it occurred to me, there must be some new Food Truck with it on their menu. I was right.

If you’re not familiar with that fella let me give you some really quick background on it. This regional specialty Burger hails from Wisconsin (the land of Butter & Cheese) and goes by the name of “Butter Burger”. This Burger is topped in someway with Butter whether it be on the Bun, on the Burger Patty itself or even in the meat. The most well known Butter Burger is from Solly’s Grille (opened in 1936).

The Wholesome Rollers serves their version on a Pretzel Bun, topped with a thick slice of melted Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese and a baby slab of Butter that melts all over leaving your Burger floating in a mini pool of it. Some of you might be thinking, this doesn’t very good but you would be wrong. It is beyond good and more in excellent territory. It is in the the “you must try it” category and then after you do it moves to the “I need another one” category.

They’re pretty good about changing the menu and adding new things whenever you see them. And the real good thing is that the Butter Burger isn’t the only thing worth eating.

I vouch for everything I’ve had and no disappointments so far. There’s lots of love going on in the food at the Wholesome Rollers Food Truck and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a couple of folks from Wisconsin.

Wholesome Rollers Menu
Wholesome Rollers Menu
Breakfast Sandwich w/Taylor Ham
Breakfast Sandwich (Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheese on English Muffin)
Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries
Butter Burger
Wisconsin Butter Burger on Pretzel Roll
Cajun Gumbo
Shrimp Creole
Bratwurst w/
Bratwurst w/Sauerkraut on Pretzel Roll
Fresh Cut Fries
Fresh Cut Fries
Wisconsin Butter Burger
Wisconsin Butter Burger w/Bacon on Pretzel Roll
Pretzel Bites w/Wisconsin Cheese Dipping Sauce
Pretzel Bites w/Wisconsin Cheese Dipping Sauce

Bringing Wisconsin To The SFL:

The Wholesome Rollers Food Truck
Instagram: TheWholesomeRollers

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