109 Burger Joint’s New Menu Is Here

109 Burger Joint - Sweetwater, Florida
Truffle Lovers Burger (Gruyere Cheese, Mushrooms, Onions & House Truffle Aioli)

If you haven’t dropped in at 109 Burger Joint in a while. it might be a good time as they’ve just redone their menu. My favorites like the The Blue Moon and Truffle Lovers Burger are still on there as is their ridiculous Mac & Cheese. I’m looking forward to trying some of the new additions except the Salads….just because.

Menu P1 (click to enlarge)
Menu P1 (click to enlarge)
Menu P2 (click to enlarge)
Menu P2 (click to enlarge)

It’s New Menu Time:

109 Burger Joint
Address: 646 SW 109 Avenue Miami (Sweetwater), FL
Phone: 305-228-0109

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