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WingMania’s Wings Are Great But You Gotta Get The Burger

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WingMania is a good 30 minutes (the Quail Roost location is, their Homestead spot is farther) from my HQ so I wanted to make sure I didn’t try to make the drive in rush hour traffic. I waited til about 7PM when about 80% of it was gone and was on my way with Chunktronics.

As soon I walked in I knew we were in for trouble, sauces galore. I love flavorful sauces with some depth and try to steer clear of those super sugary ones, they’re a turn off. On the heat side, I’m a wimp yet I will eat them but I’m normally down for the count after one or two Wings. I don’t like heat for heat’s sake, there needs to be something else going on.

WingMania Sauces (click to enlarge)
WingMania Sauces (click to enlarge)

Quail Roost Partial Menu (click for full)
Quail Roost Partial Menu (click for full)

It’s a pretty large menu but we were set on trying Wings, Strips and Boneless Wings, all with different sauces. Chunktronics and I both agreed that the Raspberry Habanero topped the Sweet Red Chili, Thai Chili, the DOA and Scary Larry (which we tried on round 2).

Round 2 you say? Yes, at some point Gerther called and showed up which caused a second Round of ordering. He arrived just as Round 1 was being delivered to our table.

Since I discussed the Sauce I preferred, my Chicken vehicle of choice for the sauces were indeed the Crispy Wings with Boneless Wings and Strips bringing up the rear.

The Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich was excellent and may look a little dainty in the picture but that’s cause I asked for no LTO (Lettuce, Tomato & Onion). The Fries which were fresh cut were great but I’d be ok without the Chili. My suggestion? Pour some of that Buffalo Chicken Dip over the Fries, that has winner written all over it. Speaking of which…..that Buffalo Chicken Dip (Shredded Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese Dip) was incredible. It should be available in Bucket size, it’s that good and addictive.

We shared everything we ate but I didn’t really want to share my Cheeseburger, notice I said “my”. It reminded me of an old school Fuddruckers Burger.

Round 1:

WingMania - South Florida
Sweet Red Chili Chicken Strips
Raspberry Habanero Chicken Wings
Raspberry Habanero Chicken Wings
WingMania - South Florida
Thai Chili Boneless Wings
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
WingMania - South Florida
Chili Cheese Fries, Fries were Fresh Cut
WingMania - South Florida
Angus CheeseBurger
WingMania - South Florida
Buffalo Chicken Dip (Shredded Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese Dip)

When Round 2 came around, Gerther ordered the Cowboy Burger and I went even more retro with my Cheeseburger only having the Fast Food Sauce Trinity (Ketchup, Mustard & Mayo). Gerther didn’t care for his Burger and I wasn’t willing to try it since I was so enamored with my choice.

This order of Strips were Hot & Extreme Heat called DOA and Scary Larry. Both burned us yet left a gentle touch of taste that left us wanting more. The Blue Cheese dipping sauce came in handy this time.

::::Please notice we ordered the Strips instead of the Wings which we preferred, that’s because we’re able to use fork & knife to eat them and prevent those sauces from getting all over our hands and faces. You do not want to rub your eye by mistake with some leftover hot sauce from your fingers, trust me.::::

Round 2:

WingMania - South Florida
Cowboy Burger (BBQ Sauce, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Smoked Applewood Bacon, Onion Ring & Cheddar Cheese
CheeseBurger with Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo
CheeseBurger with Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo
DOA and Scary Larry Chicken Strips
DOA and Scary Larry Chicken Strips

One last thing, I need to thank @carocongote for suggesting I visit WingMania. She was right, I loved it.

Become a Wing Maniac:

WingMania – Homestead
28600 SW 137 Avenue Homestead, FL 33033


WingMania – Quail Roost
20141 SW 127 Avenue Miami, FL 33177

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