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The Frog Pond – St. Pete Beach, Florida

We were told at the front desk at the hotel in St. Pete Beach that the Frog Pond is a great local breakfast spot. I mean, you didn’t have to tell us that twice.

When I search around online for pics the first thing I encountered was the Italian Sausage Frittata. No need to look further, I knew what I was eating.

I’m with my wife Marcela who orders the Eggs Benedict w/Grits and my friend John who can’t help himself and also orders the Italian Sausage Frittata but without Onions. For good measure, we agree to share the Cinnamon Roll French Toast.

Marcela let me sneak a bite and her Eggs Benedict and Grits were right on point.

Now, for those of you considering ordering the Italian Sausage Frittata, it is a perfect slice of breakfast with Eggs, Potatoes, Onions, Italian Sausage & Cheese. I loved it but let me warn you…I think you should share it. That’s not something you’ll normally hear me say but as I about half way through it I was stuffed and already looking forward to an early afternoon nap. Don’t let that happen to you and or who knows, maybe you want that to happen to you. Me? I had plans for the rest of the day.

I left enough space for one….ok maybe two bites of the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. I’m big on Cinnamon Rolls but not a fan of French Toast but I dug this. Marcela who’s got a major sweet tooth really enjoyed it.

One last thought, what great service and friendly people. So glad we had a chance to experience the Frog Pond while visiting St. Pete Beach.

Eggs Benedict w/Grits
Eggs Benedict & Grits with very little Butter
Italian Sausage Frittata w/Toast
Italian Sausage Frittata w/Toast
Italian Sausage Frittata after Toast removal
Italian Sausage Frittata after Toast removal
Cinnamon Roll French Toast
Cinnamon Roll French Toast

The Frog Pond
7390 Gulf Blvd St Pete Beach, FL 33706

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