Matt Kuscher takes over Stephen’s Restaurant

I was thinking about heading out to Hialeah to grab a Pastrami Sandwich at Stephen’s a few days back. So, I went online to check out the week’s special and came across this:

I can’t say that I was surprised this was happening since I heard about it through the grapevine but didn’t know exactly when they were gonna pull the trigger on it.

I first met Matt Kuscher (Kush Hospitality) when he opened up LoKal in the Grove. I loved the food, I loved the idea to keep the sourcing of everything local and I love him for being true to himself. Since then there’s been Kush, the Spillover and Vicky’s House (a milkshake shop made to look like his mom’s 1980s living room).

The truth is Matt Kuscher is my favorite “restauranteur” in South Florida, not only because the food is great but there is a lot of thought put behind his “concepts“. He is the ideal person to not only next level Stephen’s but also keep just enough of its old school charm.

Now, we wait and I’m sure it will be worth it.