Latin House's Steamed Cheeseburger

Miami’s 10 Best Specialty Burgers

I’ve chosen to title this Miami’s 10 Best Specialty Burger but in all honesty it should be called Miami’s 10 Best Regional Burgers which I thought might be a little confusing. All across the United States if you do some traveling and/or driving like I do you will encounter Burgers that feature prominently in certain areas. For Miami, the Frita … Continue reading

Burger Beast App

Top 5 Reasons To Download The Burger Beast App

In case you didn’t know on March 1st, 2014 the Burger Beast App became available on Android and iPhone. If you’re in South Florida, here are 5 reasons why you should download it. Reason 1 – It’s the best way to see everything that’s going on in the world of The Blog, Events, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Reason 2 – All Burger Beast … Continue reading


Top 10 Hot Dogs in South Florida

If you’ve downloaded the Burger Beast App for Android or iPhone then you’ve seen this Top 10 list already. If you haven’t, then this is my Top 10 South Florida Hot Dogs list.There are some good dogs to be had so go out and have ‘em! Most Honorable Of Mentions) Arbetter’s (Westchester): I grew up eating Arbetter’s Chili Cheese Dogs, and I … Continue reading

Top Lists

The Best, Most And Worst Of South Florida 2009

The Burgies happened back in September and a few “Bests” were named then but I decided there was more stuff to get off my chest (The Burgies winners are mixed into this list): Best Apple Pie: Deep Fried Apple Pie – McDonald’s Express Best Bacon: Charm City Burger Company Best BBQ: Almost Famous Mel’s Best Believe The Hype: Burger & … Continue reading