NEW 2015 Burgie Awards Category – Best Orlando Burger

That One Spot's Burger

I visit the Orlando area so much that it makes sense that I add this category. So here it is, what I believe are the 6 Best Burgers in the Orlando area, vote and one will take away a Best Orlando Burger Burger Beast Burgie Award … Continue reading

5 Things I’m Currently Obsessed With

Miami Smokers' Duroc Bacon

I’m not sure that the title “5 Things I’m Currently Obsessed With” is really accurate. It’s more like 5 things you need to keep far away from me or I will polish off. 5) Tasca de España’s Tortilla Española – In general, I absolutely love … Continue reading

Top 10 Cuban Milanesas In Miami

Milanesa de Res - Luis Galindo Latin American

The problem with writing about something like a Cuban Milanesa Breaded Steak or Chicken is that it can become very same-y. For those of you of you who have never ravaged a Cuban Milanesa steak let tell you just enough to get you started. The … Continue reading

5 Reasons To Download The Burger Beast App

In case you didn’t know on March 1st the Burger Beast App became available on Android and iPhone. If you’re in South Florida, here are 5 reasons why you should download it. Reason 1 – It’s the best way to see everything that’s going on in the world … Continue reading