Top 5 Reasons To Download The Burger Beast App

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In case you didn’t know on March 1st, 2014 the Burger Beast App became available on Android and iPhone. If you’re in South Florida, here are 5 reasons why you should download it. Reason 1 – It’s the best way to see everything that’s going on in the world of The Blog, Events, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and […]

Best 10 Frita Cubanas In Miami

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La Frita Cubana or just Frita for short holds a very special place in my heart. If you’ve never had one and are a fan of Burgers then you should probably really get with the program. The Frita is regional South Florida specialty although it can be found in pockets of the United States with […]

Top 10 Hot Dogs in South Florida

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If you’ve downloaded the Burger Beast App for Android or iPhone then you’ve seen this Top 10 list already. If you haven’t, then this is my Top 10 South Florida Hot Dogs list.There are some good dogs to be had so go out and have ’em! Most Honorable Of Mentions) Arbetter’s (Westchester): I grew up eating Arbetter’s […]

Top 10 Croquetas in Miami

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I have eaten enough Croquetas in my lifetime to fill a Cruise ship. I’d say I love a good 99% of them, even the kind you find in Frozen Food Aisle at your local Supermarket. Picking 10 was difficult so I threw in an extra Croqueta that I recently have become enamored with. What’s your […]

Top 25 Burgers in Miami & South Florida

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Yes, this is the first time I make a list of what I believe are the Top 25 Burgers in Miami/South Florida. How did I decide? Well, it took me a few weeks of arranging and re-trying some Burgers I was unsure of. Some Burgers were added and others were removed multiple times. Fritas were […]

7 Restaurants I Wish Were Still Open

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Sometimes when I’m going through the songs on my iTunes I get nostalgic. Roberto Torres’ Caballo Viejo for example takes me back to the ’80s when my grandparents were still alive and we would go out as a family unit (Que Pasa USA style) and eat together. My grandfather Gollo always decided where we would […]

Top 5 Miami Food Truck Burgers

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Probably the question I get asked the most is which is the Best Food Truck Burger. Really, how can I not be asked that question with there being over 100 Food Trucks in South Florida, half of which have multiple versions of the Burger. The Burgers are not in any order and are just numbered […]

Top 5 Best Sauces in Miami & South Florida

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These are the Top 5 Best Sauces in South Florida. More than likely you’ll either agree with me on a few, enlighten me about others I don’t know about or praise me for me telling you about them. Start out 2013 right by seeking out these fellas. These are not in any particular order:   […]

Top 5 Comments Left on BurgerBeast.Com

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I was recently checking out old posts on BurgerBeast.Com and realized how incredible some of the comments left on the pages were. I had a list of 10 that I whittled down to this Top 5. Enjoy them, I did. 5) Bliss Burger Bistro & Lounge in South Beach Grand Opening – Bliss Burger Bistro […]