Chicken Tenders, A Love Affair

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I remember when you were looked at with a sour face if you ordered Chicken Tenders or Chicken Strips at a restaurant. Mostly I would get the “that’s for kids” isn’t it? It’s not like it stopped me but luckily, we now happen to be in a Chicken Tender period of renaissance. Chicken Tenders aren’t […]

Check, Please! South Florida Season 13 Premieres Tonight

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If you’re a fan of Check, Please South Florida hosted by Chef Michelle Bernstein then you’ll be excited to know it’s back for a 13th season. The first episode of the 10 episode season (airing tonight on PBS Channel 2 at 7:30PM) will feature 2 Burger Beast Approved restaurants Rok Brgr and Pincho Factory. Later […]

Burger Beast on Like Bite & Share Podcast

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I haven’t been on many podcasts but when my burger brothers Brad and Rev asked if I’d like to be on the show and that it was sponsored by Schweid & Sons, there was absolutely no hesitation in saying yes. So sit back, grab your favorite cold beverage and listen to us discuss the industry […]

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper With Black Buns Available This Monday

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Yes, a variation of the “Kuro Burger” from Burger King in Japan will be available this Monday September 28th on all U.S. Burger King Menus. The “Halloween Whopper” features Black Buns flavored with A.1. Steak Sauce.   The Halloween Whopper will have the same ingredients as the regular Whopper (Burger Patty, American Cheese, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Mayo, Pickles & Onions) […]

Five Guys Location in Miami is Testing Shakes

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries are finally testing what I think most folks believe should have been on their menus from the start, Milkshakes. Their Vanilla Milkshake can be dressed up with 10 mix-ins: Bacon, Bananas, Cherries, Chocolate, Coffee, Oreo Cookies, Malted Milk, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel and Strawberries. There is only one Miami location […]

Have you tried the Doritos Loaded?

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I was very intrigued when I heard about this Doritos Loaded that’s available at exclusive 7-Elevens. I went to their website and encountered this description: “Doritos Loaded’s a never-been-done-before, intense, bold snack experience with a crunch. Loaded with warm, melted cheese and encrusted with bold Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor, Doritos Loaded is a nacho cheese […]

Burger Spatula Would Make A Great Gift

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What do you get the Burger lover who has it all? A Burger spatula that will never get used, that’s what! I’m not gonna lie, I’d love to have one even though I would never want to dirty it. This bad boy is 17 inches long and 5 inches wide so it’s packing some heat, […]

I Thought The Original Shake Shack Stand Wasn’t Real

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Yes, that’s the original Shake Shack Hot Dog Cart which they wheeled out every summer between 2001-2003 in New York City’s Madison Square Park. In 2004 the actual Shake Shack was opened and then mania ensued. Until Shake Shack posted this picture just a few weeks ago I was beginning to think that there never […]

McDonald’s French Fry Cup Holder For Your Car Is Available Only In Japan

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Through May when you purchase an Extra Vale Meal & Large Fries at McDonald’s you get one of these handy dandy Fry Holders for your car for FREE. The only catch? You need to be in Japan. It’s not available in the United States (Ever? Yet?) but I did find one for sale on ebay […]

Saturdays at El Mago de las Fritas

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One of the first things that cross my mind when I wake up Saturday mornings is that Ortelio aka El Mago de las Fritas is starting on his weekly masterpieces, Ajiaco and Chicharrones. Ajiaco is a stew filled with different vegetables and meats. Chicharrones (made from Pork Belly) are known as Pork Rinds but this […]

You Burgerholics Need to Check Out Toddland

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3 years ago I came across Toddland’s Delicious Wallet (which I now own). I decided to check out their site to see if they had added any new “Burger Products” to it. The success of the wallet has apparently cause them to create a slew of Burger & Food related products some of which I’ve […]