VooDoo Dog – Tallahassee, Florida

On our first night in Tallahassee we went straight to Voodoo Dog after dropping off our bags at the Air BnB home. Last year I had wanted to stop here but it was way too busy, looks like second time is … Continue reading

Burger Beast On The Road – Tallahassee 2016

Just a couple of months ago I stopped over in Tallahassee for breakfast at Whataburger on the way to Nashville. I wanted to come back and spend a couple of days taking the city and its food in. My wife … Continue reading

Burger Beast on the Road – March 2016

I spent the better part of the last two weeks on a road trip with my friends the Miami Meat Machine (DaChew, DJ Cow Money & Gerther) driving around in a Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ loaned to me by Chevy (Thanks!). Now that … Continue reading

Madre’s in St. Augustine, Florida

Madre’s is located in Downtown St. Augustine. It caught my eye as my wife Marcela and I were walking around checking the shops. It stood out amongst the other food chain type of establishments around. Its food is Mexican by … Continue reading

Hazel’s Hot Dogs – St. Augustine, Florida

On our way back to the hotel I spot Hazel’s Hot Dogs. So I of course do what I gotta do, stop & order a couple of dogs along with some of their fresh cut Fries. I topped the Fries … Continue reading

Zaxby’s – St. Augustine, Florida

Right after arriving in St. Augustine I came across a giant billboard for Zaxby’s. The name seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. It was later on that I remembered an old friend had raved about the place (Thanks … Continue reading

Blondi’s Oasis Diner – St. Augustine, Florida – CLOSED

Right around the corner from the hotel we were staying at was a late night diner called Blondi’s Oasis. My wife Marcela was in a breakfast kind mood while I was in a…you guessed it! A Burger kinda mood. My … Continue reading

Whataburger in Jacksonville, Florida

I’ve waited a long time to try Whataburger. I had also heard tons about their Fancy Ketchup and how good it was, so good that it has its own Facebook Fan Page with over 16,000 fans. The ketchup comes in … Continue reading

Luvin’ Grub is a Mobile Food Rig in St. Augustine

After having made a five hour drive to St. Augustine with one stop on the way up, I was starving. Little did I know that at 6PM on Sundays most restaurants in this area are closed. We decided to take … Continue reading