Rusty Bucket’s Beer Cheese Burger Recipe

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Have you made it out to The Rusty Bucket yet? They just opened in March at CityPlace in Doral. The Burger on their menu (Beer Cheese Burger) features Beer Cheese which is of course the perfect marriage of Burgers & Brews. Best of all, I’m able to share the recipe for their Beer Cheese Burger with you.

Barley’s Serrano Ham & Manchego Cheese Croqueta Recipe

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Croquetapalooza is around the corner so I figured I’d share the recipe to Barley’s Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese Croquetas, winners of the 2014 Croquetapalooza Competition. Serrano Ham & Manchego Cheese Croquetas Recipe Makes 24 Croquetas Croqueta Ingredients: 4 tablespoons Unsalted Butter ½ cup finely Minced Onions ¼ cup Flour 1-½ cups Hot Milk 12 […]

Pastor Burger Recipe from Mexico City

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Sometimes really cool things fall into my lap like this recipe for the Pastor Burger which was featured at the 2015 Amstel Light Burger Bash recently. Chef Edgar Kano, the Executive Chef at the Four Seasons in Mexico Season explains, “The idea was inspired by Mexico City’s Street Food, together with the chef from “La […]

CUBANCUBE’s Freakin Frita Recipe

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The folks from the CUBANCUBE Food Truck (Eileen & Jon Andrade) are the same peeps behind FINKA Table & Tap, winners of the 2015 Burgie Award for Best Restaurant. It was unfortunate that they decided to retire the ‘CUBE but the FINKA Table & Tap restaurant could not have happened otherwise. I do get questions about […]

A Little Patty Melt History

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I discuss Burgers a bunch and one topic that comes up rather often is whether or not a Patty Melt should be classified as a Burger. I’ve always felt that a Patty Melt was a Burger. I also feel that it’s almost impossible to mess one up. The “official” ingredients are rather simple: Burger Patty […]

Jen Karetnick’s Mango Cookbook & a Meta Feta-Stuffed Lamb Burger Recipe

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If you’re a Mango fan then you should already know about Jen Karetnick’s new book Mango. Not only is Mango the book filled with tons of Mango recipes, Jen also discusses the best ways for picking, preparing, and eating mangos. In other words, you’ll be immersed in Mango (which is great thing). You can her at the […]

Holiday Cocktail Recipes from FINKA Table & Tap

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner here are 4 Cocktail Recipes from FINKA Table & Tap created by their Mixologist Eddie Fuentes that should do you some good. Pumpkin Rum Old Fashioned: 1 Dash Angostura Bitters 1 Dash Angostura Orange Bitters .5oz Homemade Pumpkin Pie Syrup 2oz Caliche Rum Orange Twist Toasted Marshmallow Roasted Pumpkin […]

Ask The Beast Column #1 November 19, 2014

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My peeps & mi gente, keep the questions coming. Column #2 of Ask The Beast will be up next Thursday November 22nd Question from bmendez17 on Instagram: Thinking of going to Blackbrick tonight. What do I HAVE to order? BB: Based on my last three visits to BlackBrick I’d go with Fried Chicken & Garlic Dumplings, Spare […]

Mangia Mia’s The Smasher Recipe

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In 2011 just as South Florida’s Food Truck engines were warming up Mangia Mia showed up on the scene. The great folks (the late Patrick Murdock & his wife Kim) behind the original incarnation of the Mangia Mia Food Truck featured this irresistible sandwich called The Smasher, a smashed Meatball Sandwich on toasted Garlic Bread. […]

Sakaya Kitchen’s Kalbi Chunk’d Tots Recipe

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If we’re talking Best South Florida comfort food dishes of all time then Sakaya Kitchen‘s Kalbi Chunk’D Tots will easily make the Top 5. It’s got well marinated Meat, Cheese sauce and fried Potatoes…….SOLD! It is so good that the first time I ate it, I was in line to ordering another one and I wasn’t even […]