Biff Burger – St. Petersburg, Florida

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Biff Burger was based out of Clearwater, Florida when it opened in the 1950s and had all of its locations on the eastern side of the United States. Now, some 70 years or so later only two locations survive, one in St. Peterburg, Florida and the other renamed Beef Burger in Greensboro, North Carolina. In case […]

Guinness And Aged Cheddar Soup Recipe From MEAT Eatery And Taproom

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One of the dishes I look forward to having whenever I visit MEAT Eatery & Taproom in Islamorada is Chef George Patti’s Guinness & Aged Cheddar Soup. So we’ve got the recipe but there’s one problem with it.  This recipe makes way more than a regular sized family could use, so I’ve got an idea. Invite […]

Mama’s Meatballs Recipe From Jersey Dawg

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Rob, the owner of Jersey Dawg gave up the recipe to Mama’s Metballs rather easily considering he mentioned in that same email that he “might be disowned for releasing the family secrets”.  On that topic, all I’ve got to say is someone has got to be the Black Sheep of the family, right? If it’s […]

Ballistic BBQ’s Cuban Hamburger Recipe: Frita Cubana Recipe

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The minute I heard, “My own take on this Burger” I knew he had not eaten a Frita Cubana before. It’s OK because he seems to be on the right path with this recipe and to be honest, the end result looks delicious. Watch & Cook: Ballistic BBQ Facebook: Ballistic BBQ Twitter: @Griller 4547

Ultimate Frita Burger Recipe w/Video Featuring Chefs Michael Schwartz & Hedy Goldsmith

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Every once in a while I search around YouTube for Frita Recipes in the hopes I come across something cool and I did! I found a recipe called “The Ultimate Frita Burger” which features local Chefs Michael Schwartz and Hedy Goldsmith of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Design District. This Frita Burger is […]

Help The Filling Station in Downtown win “America’s Ultimate Cheeseburger!” w/Recipe

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Anyone who’s eaten at The Filling Station in Downtown Miami knows that they make a mean burger. They’ve been chosen by Sargento Cheese to compete in the “America’s Ultimate Cheeseburger” competition against burgers from Chicago, Milwaukee, New York and San Diego. Their entry, THE Ultimate Sargento Cheeseburger is their Burger topped with 4 Slices of […]

Swiss Alp Bellevue Burger & Emmi Swiss Cheese Slider Recipe

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Here are a couple of Cheese heavy recipes by Chef Regi Hise of Emmi Roth USA (the US division of the Premium Swiss Dairy Company). Swiss Alp Bellevue Burgers Ingredients: 1 Pound Ground Beef 8 Ounces Emmi Swiss Alp Bellevue, Crumbled Salt and Pepper to Taste Lettuce for Garnish (Optional) 4 Hamburger Buns Directions: Step […]

Hedy Goldmith’s Banana Toffee Panini Recipe

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This Banana Toffee Panini recipe is in Chef Hedy Goldsmith’s  cook book, Baking Out Loud: Fun Desserts with Big Flavors. Thanks to Hedy for allowing us to share this delicious recipe with you. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 4 tablespoons (½ stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature Eight ¾-inch slices brioche or […]

Chef Jorge Montes’ Amstel Light Burger: Smoked Gouda And Bacon Burger

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Chef Jorge Montes’ Smoked Gouda and Bacon Burger with Amstel rings  Chef Jorge Monte’s recipe for his Amstel Light Burger came in 2nd place amongst thousands of entries for this year’s SoBe wine & Food Festival Burger Bash. Once you try it, you’ll think like I did, how can there be a better recipe using […]

Meat Market Kobe Sliders Recipe By Chef Sean Brasel

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Sean Brasel’s Meat Market Kobe Sliders Recipe Makes 4 Sliders Meat Market’s slider duo features two types of burgers: Kobe burger on a brioche bun with mango mustard, foie gras and caramelized onions and Kobe burger served on brioche bun with apple wood smoked bacon, New York white cheddar cheese and roasted garlic aioli.  If […]

Michael’s Genuine Burger With House Smoked Bacon And Vermont Cheddar Recipe

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If you want a burger with superior flavor, you need to freshly grind the meat yourself – it’s as simple as that. The process is not only easier than most people think, but also makes the moistest and most flavorful burgers. The contrast to burgers made from pre ground chuck will be astounding. You’ll need […]