You Wanna Talk Old School? Check Out Phillips Grocery In Holly Springs

Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs, Mississippi

Phillips Grocery is located in Holly Springs, Mississippi (there’s another location in Oxford too). It’s located right near train tracks that were involved in the Van Dorn Raid of the American Civil War. The two story house was built as a Saloon in 1892 by … Continue reading

Open Letter To Shake Shack About Their Fries

Shake Shack Fresh Cut Fries

Dear Shake Shack, Why have those crispy delicious new spuds of yours not found a way to South Florida yet? Is it something I’ve done because if that’s the case, I apologize. I only wanted the best for our relationship and I really do think … Continue reading

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt Playing This Friday In West Palm Beach

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt

As someone who has an obsession with Burgers I totally understand Matt Reynolds’ devotion to finding the world’s Best Buffalo Chicken Wing. The Great Chicken Wing Hunt film plays out over the course of 3 weeks of driving more than 2600 miles & tasting 284 … Continue reading

Caporal Chicken Opens In Miami, After Achieving Legendary Status in New York

Caporal Chicken in Miami, Florida

Ever heard of Caporal Chicken? Well, if you’re not from New York or Cuba it’s unlikely. Caporal Chicken had something like 14 locations in Cuba before Castro came along and put a stop to that. In 1968 they opened up in the Washington Heights part … Continue reading