5 Burger Beast Events That Never Happened Plus One That Will

When I started the Burger Beast Blog I had no idea I’d get into event producing and curating. When I had a few events under my belt I met with Lee Schrager (founder of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival) for lunch at Sparky’s. He asked what I was up to and I mentioned the slew of events I had plans for and he said, get out while you still can.

Many years later I think about our conversation, one that was much more involved than just that comment and realize he was right in some ways. It’s always fun to come up with a great idea and bring in these restaurants and food vendors to participate but it takes months and many long days and nights to produce these events.

The x-factor for the events are the personalities and egos of some of the folks involved, I’ll leave it at that. Unfortunately it’s a reality with these things.

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The Salty Donut is an Artisanal Donut Shop opening in Miami

The Salty Donut Logo

We waited….and waited….and waited….and then waited some more…..and FINALLY there is an “Artisanal Donut Shoppe” opening in Miami and it’s called The Salty Donut. They’ve only revealed a few things here and there but this is what I’ve got for you so far:

  • First & foremost Artisanal Donuts like the farthest donut in the picture below (which is totally blurred) is raised Brioche with a Hatuey Malta glaze & Cinnamon Sugar Maduro Mariquitas & the one near the front is their take on a ‘Boston cream’ made with 24hr raised Brioche, Bavarian Cream, semi-sweet Ganache, Chocolate Curls & Cocoa Dust.

The Salty Donut

  • Chef Max Santiago (is currently the Executive Pastry Chef at Lure) is ‘the man’ or since we’re in Miami, ‘el hombre’ behind these creations.
  • The quality of the Coffee will be just as much of a focus as the Donuts are
  • I may have overheard that there will be a dozen different Donuts to choose from on a daily basis
  • The store will be located in Wynwood at 74 NW 24th Street at the Wynwood Arcade.
  • The opening date has not been announced yet
  • The Salty Donut will be at my event SugaPie on December 13th.

In the meantime (follow them on Instagram) and stay tuned to this page as I will update it with new information as it comes in.

Arabian Knife Food Truck To Join Wynwood Yard

Arabian Knife Food Truck

The Wynwood Yard, a culinary incubator and events space will be opening on Saturday Nov. 14, 2015.

The Arabian Knife will be a part of the first cohorts (rotating Food Trucks) parked there from grand opening through mid-Feb 2016. If you’re not familiar with the Arabian Knife it’s probably cause they’ve been quietly making a name for themselves nightly at the corner of 107th Ave and Coral Way in Westchester for the last few months.

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Vote Now For the 7th Annual Burger Beast Burgie Awards

Burgies Voting

Nominations are all in so voting for Burger Beast’s 7th Annual Burgie Awards starts now!

Take Our Survey

If you want to make sure your favorite wins then vote. I take the Burgie Awards very seriously and do not like “fake” votes so there is only 1 vote per IP address.

If you try to circumvent the poll by cheating and voting multiple times from the same IP, I will disqualify all of those votes. It doesn’t pay to cheat.

Online voting is from Wednesday October 21st, 2015 – Wednesday January 18th, 2016.

The winners will be announced live at the Burgie Awards Event on February 2016.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Burgie Awards:

Knaus Berry Farm 2015/2016 Season Is Here

Knaus Berry Farm To Go

Knaus Berry Farm season is here (Tuesday October 27th)! It’s been 6 months since the last time you made a visit to the hallowed grounds of Knaus Berry Farm and enjoyed one of their Cinnamon Rolls. You’ve got til April 16th, 2016 before their limited time appearance ends so don’t waste it.

I’m parked outside waiting for their opening. I want to be the first in line for once.

Knas Berry Farm 2K14 Season

Knas Berry Farm 2K14 Season

Knas Berry Farm 2K14 Season

Knas Berry Farm 2K14 Season

Knas Berry Farm 2K14 Season


Knaus Berry Farm
Date: Tuesday October 27th, 2015 through Saturday April 16th, 2016
Time: Open 8:00AM – 5:30 PM Monday – Saturday, Closed on Sunday
Address: 15980 Southwest 248th Street Homestead, FL
Phone: 305-247-0668

*pictures courtesy of BB on the Street correspondent Steve Simon