Big Mac Special Sauce Bottle – Important Information

Yes, you heard right….McDonald’s is unleashing 10,000 numbered bottles of the Big Mac Special Sauce to the U.S.

I know what you’re asking yourself, how many of these will be available in South Florida and how can you make sure to get one?

So, *100 of these bad boys will be given away at the McDonald’s located at 1148 South Dixie Highway across from the University of Miami between 3PM and 6PM this Thursday January 26th.

If you’re in Palm Beach then hit up the McDonald’s at 3805 Northlake Blvd (Palm Beach Gardens) at 1PM this Thursday January 26th to get a chance at the 75 bottles they’ll have.

You need to show up, line up on a first come, first serve basis and say the magical words, “There’s a Big Mac for That” and next thing you know there’ll be a limited edition Big Mac Special Sauce bottle in your hands.

If you’d really like to prove your devotion to the iconic sandwich then you can also sing the Big Mac jingle or post photos on social media, but make sure to follow @McD_SouthFLA on twitter and use the hashtag #BigMacForThat to win free items and prizes in-store.

I’ll be having a giveaway of my own for 10 Big Mac Special Sauce bottles. Check in to my Instagram and Facebook pages for details on Thursday January 26th at 11AM.

To find out all the spots nationwide with the Big Mac Special Sauce bottles, visit the McDonald’s site.

*Awarded on a first come, first served basis. Must tell McDonald’s crewperson or designated representative the secret code phrase “There’s a Big Mac for that.” Quantities are limited to 100 Big Mac Special Sauce bottles.

Burger & Beer Joint on South Beach Quietly Closes

Burger & Beer Joint - South Beach, Florida

I remember when Burger & Beer Joint opened in August of 2009 as if it was just yesterday. My blog was not quite one year old and the Burger scene in South Florida was pretty much nonexistent.

There was a level of excitement about what they were going to be doing from the elevated Burgers to the Shakes and Cocktails to that insane Mother Burger. They changed the game in South Florida.

Mother Burger in action

A few short months later when I contacted them (founders & owners Buzzy Sklar, Ron Garcia and Executive Chef Carlos Barillas) about being one of the 3 stops on my inaugural The Burger Beast Miami Burger Tour they said yes without blinking an eye about it. I was ecstatic to show everyone how awesome Burger & Beer Joint was.

I loved/love their Food and everything that they brought to change the Burger game in Miami.

So yeah, this long drawn out memorial is about the original Burger & Beer Joint shutting down. You know…as they say….gone but not forgotten.

Don’t be sad though, in Dade County you can still grab some great food from their Brickell and Dolphin Mall locations.

By the way, if anyone’s got some old menus or signs from when they opened, the Burger Museum would gladly accept the donation.

In the meantime, good luck to El Grito Mezcaleria who is opening up in the old B&B SoBe spot, you’ve got some big shoes to fill.

UPDATE: The story took an unexpected turn:

The Miami Herald – A gay bar opens upstairs. Downstairs, Burger & Beer Joint loses its franchise

Heineken Light Burger Beast Challenge, Win 2017 Heineken Light Burger Bash Tickets

Alright, so one of the most important dates of the year is coming up and I’m not talking about my birthday. I’m obviously speaking about the Heineken Light Burger Bash at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

It’s almost like a prom night for me and I think one lucky Burger Beast fan should have the chance to attend. So I reached out to my friends at Heineken Light (big fan over here) and next thing I know the Heineken Light Burger Beast Challenge is in full effect.

I need you to hit up one of the 20 restaurants listed below, order a Burger, a Heineken Light and then take a picture of the pairing (make sure it’s food porn at its finest).

Then all you gotta do is upload the image to your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook account with the hashtag #burgerbeastsweeps

I will choose one winner from all the entrees who will receive two (2) tickets to the Heineken Light Burger Bash at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival happening February 24, 2017. The approximate retail value of these tickets is $500.

The #burgerbeastsweeps ends on Tuesday February 21st at 11:59PM and the winner will be chosen on Thursday February 23rd at Noon.

When does it start? Friday January 20th aka NOW!!!

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Don’t Miss Food Trucks at Magic City Casino THIS Saturday

The Wheelin’ Dealin’ Food Truck Festival is Florida’s longest running Food Truck event (since March 2011). It happens every 3rd Saturday of the month (this Saturday January 21st) from 5-10PM at Magic City Casino (450 NW 37th Avenue, near the Miami Airport).

DJ Volksmusik is out here every month spinning tunes and cold Beer is also sold at this event.

Parking is FREE & plentiful, ALL AGES are welcome and there is *NO ADMISSION to attend.

Roll the dice and come on out, bring your friends and family, the chances are great that you’ll have an amazing time!

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ITO Mojitos & Cafecitos – Miami Beach (North), Florida

ITO is located at the bottom of a hotel in the North part of Miami Beach. It has a parking area separating it from the Beach but this is the part of Miami Beach that I like, not filled with sunburned tourists.

ITO Menu (click to enlarge)

I take a seat at one of the outdoor tables and without even thinking about it I order one of each antojito or “appetizer” for those of you not hip to the lingo.

I’m by myself and I’d like to make it to the Burger I ordered so it’s slow and easy time with the apps.

My thoughts on each one:

CroquetasSo good I invited them to participate in the upcoming #SoBeWFF Croquetas and Champagne event

Queso Frito (fried Cheese) – Can’t miss, not the first time I’ve had this combo but it’s great

EmpanadasNever had Aji Amarillo Chicken in Empanada form before, it works

YucaProbably my least favorite of the five antojitos but still pretty good

Sweet PlantainsPlatanitos (Plantains) + Queso Fresco (Cheese) + Guava + Bacon = Must order

Serrano Ham Croquetas w/Blueberry Jam

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BRGR Stop – Coconut Creek, Florida

I’m making the return drive from Orlando when traffic gets backed up to a near stand still. We’re dying to just get back and if it wasn’t bad enough, the rain had been following us the entire way.

A thought pops into my head. My boy That was Dynamite had been raving to me about BRGR Stop (if you look on his Instagram, you’d think it’s the only place he eats at). I have this Burger Sense (kinda like Spidey sense) that we’re near it and sure enough, we’re 10 minutes away.

By the time my bud Nedal and I arrive the weather is clearing up. We sit down and take a long drawn out look at the menu. It’s a tough choice. It’s important to make the right decisions the first time you visit a restaurant, you can’t take this task lightly.

BRGR Stop -Menu Page 1 (click to enlarge)

BRGR Stop -Menu Page 2 (click to enlarge)

Visit #1 w/Nedal

We make all the right choices from the Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers and Candied Bacon Bucket to the Fresh Cut Fries and the unbelievable Jalapeño Ranch dipping sauce which was so good. How good was it? So good that if they sold it I would have the trunk of my Tahoe filled with it.

All across the board, a slam dunk.

Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers

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Burger Beast’s Best Burgers of 2016

Now that’s we’re one week into the New Year, it’s a perfect time to post the Best Burgers I ate in 2016.

My road trips this year took me through most of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee & Ohio (in no particular order). I also ate over 200 Burgers throughout the course of the year.

You may (and probably) should be adding all of these spots to your Burger Bucket Lists. Don’t have one yet? Then get with it and make one, you’ve got time.

The 11 Burger gems listed below caused me much happiness this year.

If you’d like to find out more about one of the spots below, click on their name and it’ll take you right to what I wrote about them.

What were your Best Burgers of 2016? Comment and Share.

MOOYAH Burgers – Doral, Florida

Double Cheeseburger w/American Cheese & MOOYAH Sauce

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Burger Beast NEW Top 25 Burgers List Coming May 1st

In December of 2013 I unleashed a Top 25 Burgers in South Florida list that is still to this day the most popular page on my blog.

No need to drag out my announcement……May 1st the NEW Top 25 Burgers in South Florida list drops.

Sound the alarm and be ready cabrones.

MOOYAH Burgers – Country Walk & Doral, Florida

I first mentioned MOOYAH coming to South Florida on August 19th, 2013, then on December 26th, 2014 I had more details (& a menu to show) but it wasn’t until August 1st, 2015 that I had actual addresses.

MOOYAH’s first SFL location at Country Walk opened in December of 2015 (roughly a year ago) and I ate there a couple of times but nothing was particularly special about either meal. I figured I’d wait to give them another shot when the Doral location opened which after some delays ends up being mid to late December again.

The Menu has slightly changed with an addition of Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Tenders and most importantly changes to the house-made Buns and Burger patties themselves.

I had accompanied my Dad (that’s el Señor Beast to you) to do some errands and it was nearing 9PM. I mentioned that MOOYAH had opened in Doral so he was in for a late-ish dinner.

He goes the wiener route with a New York Dog (Kraut, Grilled Onions, Mustard on a Hebrew National Dog) but replaces the Mustard with Mayo. What?!?!? Exactly, but he loved it. This is the same guy who snacks on Mayo and Banana sandwiches.

The new Buns are fluffier and a beautiful sight to behold plus they’re of the potato variety. I see the Chili-Cheese Dog on the menu and know that I must try it. It’s great so I know that next time an order of Texas Chili Cheese Fries are in order.

Speaking of the fries, they’re fresh cut which is the way to my heart. If that wasn’t good enough, for an extra $1 you can get the Fries covered in a Green Chile Queso Sauce. How were we going to say no to that? I mean, I thought that I loved the Fries with the Sauce but Pops went to town as if it were the last Fries on earth.

While his infatuation is in full bloom I dig into the MOOYAH Double Cheeseburger (no Lettuce or Tomato). I stop only for a second to let him take a bite. He vows to return for a Burger meanwhile I’ve already planned multiple visits in my head with each bite. This is not the Burger I ate a year ago, there’s no way. I’m floored, flabbergasted and a bunch of other words I can’t think of right now.

I walk out of MOOYAH looking back in slow motion, setting up a sequel to this adventure.

Round 1

New York Dog topped with Kraut, Onions and Mayo.

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Travel Channel’s George Motz Book Signing at Burger Museum

George Motz

George Motz, America’s foremost Burger expert and star of Travel Channel’s Burger Land will be dropping by the Burger Museum by Burger Beast (450 NW 37th Avenue Miami, FL 33125) on Saturday December 31st (New Year’s Eve) from 12-2PM to sign books (The Great American Burger Book, Hamburger America V1 and V2) and DVDs (Hamburger America: The Film).

There will be limited quantities of the Great American Burger Book and the Hamburger America DVD available for sale but you’re more than welcome to bring your own things for George to sign. Feel free to drop in even if you’d just like to take a picture with him, he’d love to meet you.

If you’d like to also enter the Burger Museum, the entry fee will be 50% off for the day so you can come by and enjoy America’s only Museum dedicated to Burgers and Comfort Food for $5 for Adults and $2.50 for kids.

BLTCE (Thick Cut Slab Bacon, American Cheese, Fried Egg, Ketchup, Mustard & Roasted Garlic Mayo) from Woody’s Burgers

Last but not least, Woodys Burgers Florida Food Truck will be on site in case you get hungry!

The Details:

George Motz appearance at the Burger Museum
Facebook: George Motz at Burger Museum
Address: 450 NW 37th Avenue (Magic City Casino)
Date: Saturday December 31st
Time: 12-2PM
Ages: All ages welcome
Cost: Free to meet George & take pics, discounted admission to Burger Museum of $5 for Adults and $2.50 for children