Win A Pair Of VIP Tickets To Sprung! Spring Beer Festival

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I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’ve already purchased your tickets for next weekend’s Sprung! Spring Beer Festival and now you figure, what the hell I’ll try winning the tix for my cheapskate family member. Or maybe, you see a contest and you can’t help yourself, you need more tickets cause you’re hoarder. It could […]

Brooks’ Gourmet Burgers & Dogs – Naples, Florida

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Brooks’ Burgers & Dog is one of the restaurants I frequent when I’m in Naples. There’s a bunch of options for your Burger (this place was formerly Lindburgers) but I go semi-classic with mine, American Cheese & Bacon. Very good Burger with a nice fluffy Bun, you won’t go wrong here. Get the fresh thick cut Potato […]

Keg South of Kendall, A Return To An Old Favorite

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If you think back on your life, can you remember where the beginnings of one of your passions I really meant obsessions came from? In 1996 when I worked at the Best Buy in Hialeah, one of the managers and I struck up a friendship. I was the Supervisor of the Media Department and he was […]

Cerro Negro, A Nicaraguan Restaurant In Fountainbleau

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First thing is first, Cerro Negro is a Nicaraguan restaurant not a Fritanga. If you’re not even sure what that means (I didn’t before I started dating my wife 15 years ago) even better. Sweetwater is littered full of Nicaraguan businesses and Fritangas seem to make up a large portion of them. Fritangas are the […]

Krusty Burger & Lard Lad Donuts Coming To Universal Studio Florida’s Springfield

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I’ve never really watched the Simpsons but that might have to do with the fact that when I was in junior high my friend Danny Suarez (yes full name and all) would spend the entire day quoting Bart Simpson. It made me lose any interest in even watching the show but I know I’m in […]

My Shake Shack Meal with Michael’s Genuine Home Brew Beer

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I had lunch at the Shake Shack in the newer Coral Gables location, no real surprise there but this time I chose to watch down the burger goodness with a MGFD Home Brew. It’s the newish craft beer from Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink restaurant. It was very fucking good. Whoops! I meant to say […]

Señor Iguanas Restaurant & Bar – San Miguel – Cozumel, Mexico

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I had been to the north end of Cozumel’s east coast a few years ago but I didn’t end up eating anywhere. My sister was shopping for who knows what and there was no time to stop and eat. We arrived in Cozumel for this visit,  this area was tops on my must visit locations. […]

Keg South Of Homestead, Florida

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Keg South has three locations: Kendall, Pinecrest and this one, Homestead. They are all independently owned and operated. There are some differences in their menus but they all have a Keg Burger. I used to vouch for the Kendall location but Pinecrest is really the way to go. Their Wings are way better too. This […]

Titanic Brewery and Restaurant In Coral Gables, Florida

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It’s been a good 5 years since I had eaten at Titanic Restaurant and Brewery. Probably around the time an old friend of mine’s band had been discovered by Sony Records when performing here. In case you were wondering, they ended up recording an album which never got released. I remember eating the Wings and […]

Les Halles In Coral Gables, Florida

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Les Halles is best known because Anthony Bourdain made a name for himself at the Les Halles in New York (which also also happens to be the reason I know about this location). I’m sure that most people who eat here come for the ambiance and then possibly the food. What I do find is […]