Burger Beast’s Best Burgers of 2016

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Now that’s we’re one week into the New Year, it’s a perfect time to post the Best Burgers I ate in 2016. My road trips this year took me through most of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee & Ohio (in no particular order). I also ate over 200 Burgers throughout the course of the year. […]

My Favorite Chicken Sandwiches in South Florida

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I’m tired of Top this lists and Best of those lists that are incomplete or a little too political to include things like fast food in them. I feel you can’t do a “real” great Chicken Sandwich list without including some of the offerings from places like Burger King or Wendy’s. This is a real […]

Ten Best Things I Ate In 2015

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This past year (2015) I ate so many great things and it was hard to make a list of just 10 things. I added, deleted and then added again but I’m confident that these were the 10 Best Things I Ate in 2015. Crackers Casual Dining‘s Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Cake (Miami Springs) – There’s a […]

NEW 2015 Burgie Awards Category – Best Orlando Burger

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I visit the Orlando area so much that it makes sense that I add this category. So here it is, what I believe are the 6 Best Burgers in the Orlando area, vote and one will take away a Best Orlando Burger Burger Beast Burgie Award (that was more than a mouthful) in early 2015. UPDATE: […]

Top 10 Cuban Milanesas In Miami

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The problem with writing about something like a Cuban Milanesa Breaded Steak or Chicken is that it can become very same-y. For those of you of you who have never ravaged a Cuban Milanesa steak let tell you just enough to get you started. The Milanesa is normally available in Pollo (Chicken) or Res (Steak). […]

Top 5 Reasons To Download The Burger Beast App

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In case you didn’t know on March 1st, 2014 the Burger Beast App became available on Android and iPhone. If you’re in South Florida, here are 5 reasons why you should download it. Reason 1 – It’s the best way to see everything that’s going on in the world of BurgerBeast.com: The Blog, Events, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and […]

Best 10 Frita Cubanas In Miami

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La Frita Cubana or just Frita for short holds a very special place in my heart. If you’ve never had one and are a fan of Burgers then you should probably really get with the program. The Frita is regional South Florida specialty although it can be found in pockets of the United States with […]

Top 10 Hot Dogs in South Florida

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If you’ve downloaded the Burger Beast App for Android or iPhone then you’ve seen this Top 10 list already. If you haven’t, then this is my Top 10 South Florida Hot Dogs list.There are some good dogs to be had so go out and have ’em! Most Honorable Of Mentions) Arbetter’s (Westchester): I grew up eating Arbetter’s […]

Top 10 Croquetas in Miami

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I have eaten enough Croquetas in my lifetime to fill a Cruise ship. I’d say I love a good 99% of them, even the kind you find in Frozen Food Aisle at your local Supermarket. Picking 10 was difficult so I threw in an extra Croqueta that I recently have become enamored with. What’s your […]

Top 25 Burgers in Miami & South Florida

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Yes, this is the first time I make a list of what I believe are the Top 25 Burgers in Miami/South Florida. How did I decide? Well, it took me a few weeks of arranging and re-trying some Burgers I was unsure of. Some Burgers were added and others were removed multiple times. Fritas were […]