El Rey De Las Fritas Sweeps Frita Showdown Numero Dos

I jokingly asked everyone in social medialand (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) if there was anyway that one of the 6 restaurants might sweep and not only win the Judge’s Award (known as the Best Frita en el Mundo) but also … Continue reading

Coral Gables Is The Burger Capital Of South Florida

When talking Burgers there is no question that Coral Gables is the Burger Capital of South Florida, I might even say of the entire state of Florida. I worked in Coral Gables for many years right on the mile (CG … Continue reading

Breakfast At Bread + Butter Counter In Coral Gables

Since the day Bread + Butter Counter opened back in February 2013 I was waiting for them to start serving Breakfast on weekdays, the time is finally here. The Breakfast is available only Weekdays from 8AM -11AM. I went to … Continue reading

Shake Shack Wins Best In Bun, Swine Takes People’s Choice At Burgerliscious 2013

Well, the 2013 edition of┬áBurgerliscious is in the books and Shake Shack took home the Best in Bun Award, which was chosen by a panel of judges via a blind tasting. I’m a giant Shake Shack fan and blind tasting … Continue reading

Un Macdona Cheeseburger For Lunch At Bread & Butter Counter

I’ve been to Bread + Butter Counter before but for dinner*. I had a tough decision to make which was made much easier once I saw “Un Macdona Cheeseburger” on the Lunch menu. Chef Alberto Cabrera is a funny motherfucker. … Continue reading

Bread + Butter (Pan con Mantequilla) – Coral Gables, Florida

I’m always a little wary when someone tinkers with Cuban food classics. It’s probably because most folks who try to don’t understand it in the first place. Over the years I’ve heard Cuban Food characterized as anything from bland to … Continue reading