BadHappy Poutine Shop opens up in Chicago

BadHappy Poutine Shop just opened up in Chicago and features what else? Poutine. For you Poutine ignoramuses, it’s a popular dish in Canada and the Northwest United States featuring fries topped with Brown Gravy and Cheese Curds. There’s also a Poutine Topped Burger and Foie … Continue reading

Chicago’s Hamburger Hop 2010

On, Friday September 24th, 2010 was the Chicago Gourmet Food and Wine Festival’s Hamburger Hop. Chefs Art Smith and Cat Cora hosted the competition for the best burger in Chicago. The event took place at Harris Theatre’s Rooftop Terrace and cost $75. The judges for … Continue reading

Kuma’s Corner In Chicago, Illinois

Kuma's Corner - Chicago, Illinois

My friend Brett was recently at Kuma’s Corner in Chicago and he took some pictures for me. While there I received 3 text messages from him.: Sitting at Kuma burger right now! It was their 4 year anniversary 2 days ago. The streets were shut … Continue reading