A&W Burgers Chicken Floats – Lexington, Kentucky

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After having just visited the A&W Corporate Headquarters and heard about the new concept stores in Lexington, Kentucky we were pumped to try the food. I need to be straight up with you guys, I’m not a fan of Root Beer. I figured I’d give it a shot since it’s made daily at these A&W locations. The […]

Laha’s Red Castle Hamburgers – Hodgenville, Kentucky

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When I told George Motz (Hamburger Expert & director/writer of Hamburger America) I was in Lexington Kentucky for a few days he told me to rush over to Laha’s Red Castle Hamburgers. When he makes a statement like that it means its go time. Laha’s was only about an hour and a half from where […]

S’macks Burgers & Shakes – Sarasota, Florida

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Whenever I’m on one of my road trips I find that it’s very important to check out the surrounding cities to your destination. There’s always great gems to be found. S’macks Burgers & Shakes is in Sarasota which happened to be on my path toward a weekend I was spending in the Tampa Bay area. […]

Larry, Curly, Burgers and Moe – Homestead, Florida

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I was in Homestead a few days ago when I found out about the existence of Larry, Curly, Burgers and Moe. Being a lifelong Three Stooges and Burger fan, it was no brainer that I’d have to stop in. The only problem? They were closed by the time I was ready to hit them up. […]

Biff Burger – St. Petersburg, Florida

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Biff Burger was based out of Clearwater, Florida when it opened in the 1950s and had all of its locations on the eastern side of the United States. Now, some 70 years or so later only two locations survive, one in St. Peterburg, Florida and the other renamed Beef Burger in Greensboro, North Carolina. In case […]

Back At Ann’s Snack Bar In Atlanta After 5 Years

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I couldn’t believe it had been 5 years since I’d been to Ann’s Snack Bar. Shortly after my visit, Ann Price put up her Ann’s Snack Bar for sale with a $1.5 million price tag on it.  I’m not even sure you could churn out $1 million worth of Burgers out of a 8 stool […]

Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs In Marietta, Georgia

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Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs in Marietta, Georgia was originally Betty’s World Famous Hot Dogs. It opened up in 1979 and in 2002 Brandi took over, changed the name but kept everything else the same. How old school is this joint? Cash only, that’s how old school. It isn’t very big at all inside and […]

Dairy Belle Ice Cream – Dania Beach, Florida

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Everytime I’ve been to Dairy Belle Ice Cream it’s been inundated with French Canadian tourist or just French Canadians who dress badly. If they’re here that must mean only one thing, the Poutine brought them here. Before we get to the Poutine let’s talk Dogs and Burgers. I don’t like anything dragged through the Salad […]

Fatburger – Coral Gables, Florida – CLOSED

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I frequent Fatburger a whole bunch. Through trial and error I’ve figured out what the best things to have here are. There are 5 burgers sizes available from S (Baby Fat, 2.5 oz.) , M (Fatburger, 5.3 oz.), L (Kingburger, 8 oz.), XXL (Double King, 16 oz.) and XXXL (Triple King, 24 oz.). L to […]

Abdullah The Butcher House Of Ribs And Chinese Food In Atlanta, Georgia – CLOSED

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My interest in visiting Abdullah The Butcher House of Ribs & Chinese Food lied solely in the fact that I watched wrestling in 1980s. Abdullah The Butcher was a character that scared me and interested me at the same time. Abdullah was known for being ultra violent in the ring and every one of his […]