Monster Burgers Food Truck Made Me A Believer Again

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If there’s one Food Truck you’re going to find kids pointing at and harassing their parents to eat from it’s Monster Burgers. There’s something very attractive about the graphics and colors on this food truck but the attraction doesn’t end there. Diana & Julio, the folks behind Monster Burgers made me believe in Colombian Fast […]

Rock That Burger – Kendall, Florida

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Anyone that  followed the Street Food Scene in South Florida from the beginning (late 2009) knows of the Yellow Submarine. They were the 3rd truck to hit Miami and really made me look differently at the Colombian Style Street Food they were serving. I was tired of all the frozen patty and recycled sauces all those […]

Asados El Paisa – Colombian Street Food in Miami, Florida

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Do my eyes deceive me? I thought to myself. Caveman and I had just been to Yellow Submarine and followed that up with Hot Dog El Paisa when we saw Asados El Paisa across the street. Yes, we were stuffed but no, that didn’t stop us. All 3 spots have one thing in common, they’re […]

Dog House Fast Food In Hialeah, Florida

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Dog House Fast Food is a Colombian fast food joint located in Hialeah. For those of you looking for some late night eats, they’re open late on the weekends (til 6am on Friday and Saturday). It was midnight by the time we walked in and were checking out the menu. Someone had just walked out […]

Donde Timmy Perros Colombianos AKA Caliempanadas In Kendall, Florida

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I stopped to eat at Donde Timmy against the wishes of my wife Marcela. I had sworn to myself that I would stop eating at Colombian Fast Food joints because they’re hit and miss…big time! We walk in and the guy at the counter looks as if he’s seen better days (no for real). This […]

Al Carbon In Miami, Florida

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Another Colombian Fast Food Joint? I had sworn off all “Colombian Places” after the debacle that is Que Perros, plus I pissed some dude off enough with my comments that he left a near unreadable retort worth checking out alone. So after some convincing from a few people , I decided to give it a go. […]

La Moon in Coral Gables, Florida – CLOSED

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I had been wanting to head to Downtown Miami to check La Moon out so imagine my surprise when I found out they had just opened a location in Coral Gables. How did this get past me? The sign outside is still not up so I did have to drive by a couple of time […]

Los Perros in Kendall, Florida

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Before this Colombian Fast Food revolution started in Miami, someone had told me about Los Perros and their hot dogs aka the Superperro (Hot dog with Mozzarella Cheese, Ketchup, Mustard, Sour Cream, Pink Sauce, Crushed Potato Chips and their special Pineapple Sauce). Wow, is really all I can say about the Superperro, pretty tasty stuff. […]