Night Owl Cookie Co Ice Cream Cookie Bowls

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If you haven’t heard by now, Night Owl Cookie Co. debuted their new Ice Cream “Cookie Bowls” last week. It’s a pretty simple operation really. You pick your favorite Cookie which frames the inside of the container then choose Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream and finally it’s garnished with piece of a Cookie. The combinations are pretty […]

Little Bread – Coral Gables, Florida – CLOSED

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Just a little over 2 and a half years ago I wrote about Chef Alberto Cabrera and his just opened Bread + Butter Counter in Coral Gables. This past December I told you about his new sandwich concept in Little Havana called Little Bread which seemed to take the parts that worked best at B+B and […]

Nevermind Awesome Bar & Eatery – Cape Coral, Florida

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I spent a week in Ft. Myers but found myself in Cape Coral about half the time eating my way through it. I can’t lay claim to knowing about Nevermind or that I’ve had them on my list to try out forever. I was lucky that @porkrind suggested I try them out. My cousin Chunktronics was […]

You Know What’s Really Good? The Ave Maria Cookie

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You know what’s really good? The Ave Maria Cookie from the Night Owl Cookie Co. Listen to this description: Guava cookie dough mixed in with crunchy Maria Cookies and white chocolate chips. Topped with Maria Cookie crumbles, Guava pieces and finished with a Cream Cheese Frosting drizzle. It sounds incredible and guess what? It is. […]

Sybarite Pig in Boca Raton, Florida

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If what I ate at Sybarite Pig seems a little excessive well that’s probably because it was. I live by the ideology that I drove over an hour to get here so I’m going to make the most of it. In this case, dish after dish was excellent so I just couldn’t stop ordering. And […]

Night Owl Cookie Company Delivers Late Night Greatness

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A few weeks ago I came across Night Owl Cookie Company online and I thought what a great idea. I figured I would wait for the right opportunity to order from them. Last night my wife Marcela was out with our friend Yislin at the Depeche Mode concert which left me alone at home with […]

Pao Town in Coral Gables, Florida

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What’s in a name? Pao Town, what exactly does that mean? I was sure Pao wasn’t named after the girl who worked with me a few years back or the term (pao pao) my grandmother used to threaten me with when she was trying to prevent from doing something bad when I was a child. […]

Sakaya Kitchen At Midtown In Miami, Florida

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Generally most things with an Asian influence (Sakaya Kitchen is Asian influenced, duh) does not get picked up by my radar. Someone had posted a picture of the Bulgogi Burger from Sakaya Kitchen and I knew right then that it was on. When I walked in, there was no need for a physical menu because it […]