El Rinconcito Latino – Westchester & Beyond…

Just a few blocks from my parent’s house in Westchester is a Cuban restaurant they frequent, El Rinconcito Latino. There are actually 6 other locations. My first recollection of seeing/hearing about this place was their spot across the street from Leo’s … Continue reading

Bread + Butter (Pan con Mantequilla) – Coral Gables, Florida

I’m always a little wary when someone tinkers with Cuban food classics. It’s probably because most folks who try to don’t understand it in the first place. Over the years I’ve heard Cuban Food characterized as anything from bland to … Continue reading

Albert Cabrera’s Bread + Butter (Pan con Mantequilla)

Chef Alberto Cabrera’s Bread + Butter (Pan con Mantequilla) will be opening in Coral Gables at 2330 Salzedo Avenue sometime in December. What exactly is it?  “it’s a Cuban Cafeteria meets a Gastropub” says el señor Cabrera. So where’s Frita … Continue reading

Miami Subs Grill Is Bringing In The Latin Flavors

On Monday, Miami Subs Grill posted the picture below on their Facebook Page asking the question, “Hmmm… why are we posting a “behind the scenes” pic of a Cuban sandwich?”. Since Pitbull recently became an owner, I figured it meant … Continue reading

Latin American Bakery & Cafe in West Miami, Florida

Latin American Bakery & Cafe is one of the greatest things to happen to me food wise in the last few years. I love Luis Galindo’s Latin American Restaurant which is right next door but sometimes it’s just filled to … Continue reading

Luis Galindo Latin American In West Miami, Florida

I don’t eat in at Luis Galindo Latin American nearly as much as my parents do. I’ve been here a few times but mostly I get take out. It travels surprisingly well. All your favorite Cuban dishes are here. The … Continue reading