You Know What’s Really Good? The Chicken Parm at Sandwiches Deli by Big Kahuna in Delray Beach, Florida

Deli Sandwiches by Big Kahuna - Delray Beach, Florida

You know what’s really good? The Chicken Parm at Sandwiches Deli. Just take a long good look at it. If it doesn’t get your mouth watering I’m not really sure what will. The breading on the Chicken is crispy and well seasoned. It’s got a … Continue reading

HiWay Burger in Delray Beach, Florida

Tray of Goodies

In-N-Out’s expansion is slow moving and has therefore cause many copycats and imitators. If you’re familiar with In-N-Out’s color scheme and menu then everything at HiWay Burger in Delray Beach should seem very familiar to you but can they duplicate the taste? The Fries are … Continue reading

Xtreme Eatery aka Heart Stoppers Sports Grill In Delray Beach, Florida

The Heart Attacker

The front of their menu says “Over consumption of our food will definitely lead to obesity, at which point you should consult a physician before starting an exercise program.” At least they’re upfront about it. Heart Stoppers Sports Grill has a hospital theme (hospital gear … Continue reading