Last Man Standing – Restaurant Chains Left with 1 Location

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Once upon these restaurants were parts of larger chains that were either regional or spread across the United States. Unfortunately, like most good things in life….mismanagement, bad decisions, declining sales & a slew of other reasons were the cause for them to dwindle down to just one location, a last man standing if you will. […]

Burger King & The First 10 Miami Locations #ThrowbackThursday

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If you live in Miami and drive with any frequency to the Airport or Miami Beach, I will assume you’ve seen the giant Burger King building located right off of the Dolphin Expressway(SR836) on the NW 57th Street exit. I would also like to assume that you know that Burger King has been headquartered in […]

A Little Patty Melt History

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I discuss Burgers a bunch and one topic that comes up rather often is whether or not a Patty Melt should be classified as a Burger. I’ve always felt that a Patty Melt was a Burger. I also feel that it’s almost impossible to mess one up. The “official” ingredients are rather simple: Burger Patty […]

Fall For The Arts Festival 3 Year Anniversary #tbt #throwbackthurday

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Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the Fall for the Arts Festival in South Florida. In late summer of 2010 I was approached by the Miami Herald to curate the food for an “Arts Festival” that was going to be held at the Adrienne Arsht Center. I suggested we get together the Food Trucks […]

Easy To Get Hooked On Savory Fritas Story From June 1984

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It is easy to get hooked on the savory Frita, Barbar Gutierrez was right. Back on June 13, 1984 this story ran in the Miami Herald. It’s one of the stories I used for reference when I wrote “Let me tell you about the Frita” for edible South Florida in 2011 (Pages 1-2 and 3). […]

The Rock Afire Explosion And ShowBiz Pizza Place Chuck E Cheese Saga

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One day when searching around google I came across some video about the “Rock-afire Explosion” After watching it I realized that “the band” seemed very familiar. They are a group of animatronic animals that play music. The origins of this story go back to Atari founder Nolan Bushnell. When selling off Atari to Warner Bros., […]