Night Owl Cookie Co Ice Cream Cookie Bowls

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If you haven’t heard by now, Night Owl Cookie Co. debuted their new Ice Cream “Cookie Bowls” last week. It’s a pretty simple operation really. You pick your favorite Cookie which frames the inside of the container then choose Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream and finally it’s garnished with piece of a Cookie. The combinations are pretty […]

All American Shake Shop – Naples, Florida

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You just can’t drive by an old Dairy Queen building especially when it’s looking so sharp and not stop. It piqued my curiosity and while I expected there to be some good desserts on the menu, it was a nice surprise to find Burgers and Hot Dogs on there too. We order at the window […]

Burger Beast On The Road – Tallahassee 2016

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Just a couple of months ago I stopped over in Tallahassee for breakfast at Whataburger on the way to Nashville. I wanted to come back and spend a couple of days taking the city and its food in. My wife Marcela and I separated a few days at the end of a week on our […]

Eats & Treats – Ft. Myers, Florida

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I’m not one to give up easily when searching online for somewhere different to eat and  Eats & Treats wasn’t exactly on the first page of results. It may take you some digging to find a restaurant worth being found. You’ll be glad you put in some elbow grease when you hit gold. My wife […]

Marlie’s Delights Food Truck – CLOSED

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I remember it like it was the other day, the owners of Marlie’s Delights walked up to me at the National Hamburger Month edition of Wheelin’ Dealin’ Street Food Festival (May 2012) at Magic City Casino. They were launching a new Dessert food truck and were inquiring about openings in my events. This was back […]

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe in Wynwood

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I go way back with Derek Kaplan aka Fireman Derek to the early beginnings of the Burger Beast Blog. We met at La Camaronera when he was delivering some of his famous but then unknown Key Lime Pies to them. It was one of a couple of restaurant in Miami that sold them back then. Almost […]

Bacon Waffle Cones And Bacon Maple Bourbon Ice Cream From Azucar In Little Havana

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I’m not sure if you can even begin to imagine the intoxicating smell of fresh Bacon Waffle Cones being made. The Cones taste as good if not better than whatever you’re thinking. Then you add Azucar’s new flavor Cochino Borracho and you’re in salty sweet heaven. Cochino Borracho is Azucar’s homemade Vanilla Ice Cream mixed […]

A Few Days Worth of Marco Island & Naples Eats

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Once a year my family heads over to Marco Island to get away for a week. It’s usually earlier in the summer and it coincides with my Dad’s birthday in July. This year it was the 3rd week of August. My parents spent the entire week at a home we had rented but my wife […]

Dairy Belle Ice Cream – Dania Beach, Florida

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Everytime I’ve been to Dairy Belle Ice Cream it’s been inundated with French Canadian tourist or just French Canadians who dress badly. If they’re here that must mean only one thing, the Poutine brought them here. Before we get to the Poutine let’s talk Dogs and Burgers. I don’t like anything dragged through the Salad […]

Azucar has made my dreams come true, Coke Ice Cream!

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It’s been almost a month since I’ve been frequenting Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana. My love for them can not be broken as they now have Coca Cola Ice Cream. The ice cream is infused with Coca Cola and then Coke syrup is layered within it. How was it? Creamy delicious and just […]

Azucar Ice Cream Company brings the Mantecado to Little Havana

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I felt right at home when in waltzed (yes I said waltzed) into Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana. The decor, in particular the “Guayabera” wrapped seats with the plastic that everyone’s Cuban grandmother had on their furniture is perfect. Once you you take a good look at the flavors you’ll realize some real […]

You Know What’s Really Good? The Feverish Ice Cream Dessert Truck

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I’ve run into the Feverish Ice Cream Truck a few times and have always had a great experience. They are probably some of the nicest folks you’ll encounter in Miami. The “truck” is actually a Scion XB which has a cooler installed and transports delicious frozen treats throughout all of South Florida. They also do […]