Hot Dog Lounge In Key West, Florida

As we’re wandering aimlessly around Duval street, we come across the Hot Dog Lounge. It’s past midnight now and I figure, what the hell, a dog for the road. More than anything, I was drawn to the “Lounge” because of … Continue reading

Rum Barrel And Pirate Soul Museum In Key West, Florida

After walking out of Hog’s Breath, Marcela and I decide to go check out the Pirate Soul Museum. I suggest checking it out as it’s got lots of very cool authentic Pirate artifacts like one of the two Jolly Roger(skull … Continue reading

Hog’s Breath Saloon In Key West, Florida

A few years back, I accompanied my cousin Fred on a work assignment to Key West. The one thing we knew for sure was that we were going to go to Hog’s Breath. When we finally get down there, we … Continue reading

Cheeseburger In Key West, Florida

Cheeseburger? “That’s that Hawaiian burger joint. I hear they got some tasty burgers. I ain’t never had one myself. How are they?” Well, read on. My wife Marcela and I are walking around Duval St. in Key West looking for … Continue reading