Pincho Factory Kitchen Takeover Of Idle Hands Bar In New York

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If you’re in New York on Thursday June 19th you’re in for a real treat as Pincho Factory will be taking over the kitchen at Idle Hands Bar for the night. Pincho Factory owner Nedal Ahmad will join Chef Dennis Hatzinger for one night only to serve some of Pincho Factory’s most notable on and off-menu items. […]

Set Your DVRs, Pincho Factory Will Be On The Today Show On March 25th

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Here’s a scoop for ya! Pincho Factory, the Westchester sensation (Yes, I just said that) and now Coral Gables favorite will be on the fourth hour of the Today Show on Tuesday March 25th. You can catch Nedal Ahmad, the Pincho Factory figurehead doing a LIVE Cooking segment with Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford. […]

Baconery Cafe Opens Up Shop in New York City!

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A little over a year ago I told you about my friend’s new mail order Bacon Bakery called Baconery. Today November 7th he’s opened up a Baconery Cafe in New York where you can not only get Bacon Baked Goods but  also Sandwiches & other Bacon infused goodies. Don’t worry mail order has not gone […]

Bacon Meets Bakery = Baconery

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Wonderin’ why I can’t wait for September 28th? Baconery.Com goes live! An old friend of mine, Wesley Klein decided that he loved breakfast and dessert so much that he needed to marry the two together. Baconery combines Bacon with Baked Goods, wow pretty clever huh? I know, that’s why he’s my friend. El Señor Klein’s […]

NYC Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash 2010 Winners

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The 3rd Annual Blue Moon Burger Bash (part of the NY Wine & Food Festival) took place this past Friday. The competitors were: ‘21’ Club: John  Greeley 3B’s: Bacon, Burgers &  Beer: Scott Ubert 67 Burger: Jeff  Maslanka Back Forty: Peter  Hoffman Bill’s Bar & Burger: Brett  Reichler Bobby’s Burger Palace: Bobby  Flay Burger Bloodbath […]

Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlour In Jackson Heights, , Queens, New York

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With its wood grain panels and dodgeball sized lights lining the wall, Jahn’s really sets the mood for an old school ice cream shop. I felt as if I were on the set of a Back To The Future film (I mean this in a good way). Jahn’s was once a chain that had locations […]

You Know What’s Really Good: The Wieners At Papaya Dog In New York

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Right down the street from the IFC Theater in the West Village I came across Papaya Dog. It was late and I was hungry. 2 Hot Dogs later I was satisfied. The Papaya Dog is very reminiscent of a Sabrett dog and it just might be a Sabrett dog. It had a nice pop when […]

Mad For Chicken In New York, New York

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ER Gagit was right. He told me that once I ate at Mad For Chicken I would never want to eat Fried Chicken anywhere else. Mad For Chicken serves Korean Fried Chicken and has a few locations in New York as well one in Washington D.C. As we were walking around we couldn’t find the […]

McSorley’s Old Ale House In New York, New York

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McSorley’s Old Ale House opened up way back in 1854. It’s seen its fair share of Presidents and Celebrities but one thing doesn’t appear to have changed and that’s its decor. It’s like being able to step back to a simpler time where there weren’t dozens of choices when it comes to beer. Here you […]

S’Mac aka Sarita’s Mac And Cheese In New York, New York

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S’Mac aka Sarita’s Mac and Cheese was one of the first places I put on my New York must visit list. I love Mac n’ Cheese and who doesn’t? This joint has over 10 pre-set Macs to choose from or can create your own. And yes, there are Vegan options too. It was a little […]

Mariella Pizza In New York, New York

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There are hundreds of choices for Pizza in New York so why Mariella Pizza? My friend Carlos who is always on the search for a great slice brought me here. He believes this one of the best in the city. I’m not sure that I could argue that point. I didn’t really have another slice […]