Bulldog Burger in North Miami


It’s been almost 3 years since the first time I stepped foot into Bulldog Barbecue. I was aware that Bulldog Burger was right next door but not that they’re essentially the same restaurant, there is one menu after all. Enough of that talk, let’s get … Continue reading

Caio’s Picanha Burger at Boteco In North Miami, Florida

I received an email from Caio informing me that he was serving a Picanha (pee-can-ya) Burger at the Brazilian Restaurant Boteco on Sunday afternoons. In the email he also mentioned that our paths had crossed twice. The first being when his dog Super Lance came … Continue reading

Steve’s Pizza In North Miami, Florida

Everyone is always telling me how amazing Steve’s Pizza is. Jarce (my bud) visited Steve’s on his ill-fated attempt at a column, Late Night with Jarce on this blog. My wife Marcela and I decided to drive up to Steve’s and see what this hype … Continue reading

Woody’s Famous Steak Sandwich In North Miami, Florida

Woody’s Famous Steak Sandwich has been around since 1954. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it means I’m expecting good things. We walk in on a Saturday night and there’s no one in the place. While my wife Marcela is trying to decide … Continue reading

Bulldog Barbecue In North Miami, Florida

If you watched season 3 of Top Chef which took place in Miami, then you know who Howie Kleinberg is . If you don’t watch then all you need to know is Bulldog Barbecue is his baby. My cousin Fred and I decide to check … Continue reading