King of Racks Brisket Sandwich

King Of Racks BBQ Serves Up Late Night Eats In Kendall

Just a few weeks back I started following King of Racks BBQ’s whereabouts on twitter. Once it seemed that they had settled into a semi-permanent schedule I decided it was time to check them out. Their pretty regular schedule is Thursday through Sunday at 107th and Kendall Drive. The hours vary but they can be there as early as 4pm … Continue reading


Mulberry 1965 Pizza On The Run Miami Food Truck

You won’t find Mulberry 1965 at the round-ups where you can normally catch the majority of the food trucks in South Florida. They instead have taken a different approach to their street food life and have a regular schedule throughout the week/weekend where you can find them for lunch, dinner and sometimes late night. You’re going to have to follow … Continue reading


The Garlic Knot’s Grand Opening In Oakland Park, Fl

The Garlic Knot has just opened up in Oakland Park. This local Italian eatery has a fresh take on family style Italian dishes made to order. Homemade dough and authentic sauces along with cult-following garlic knots (made two ways!) are just a few of Chef Alex Giampietro’s comfort food staples from his expansive menu. The most expensive pasta dishes are … Continue reading

Greetings from Springfield

Krusty Burger & Lard Lad Donuts Coming To Universal Studio Florida’s Springfield

I’ve never really watched the Simpsons but that might have to do with the fact that when I was in junior high my friend Danny Suarez (yes full name and all) would spend the entire day quoting Bart Simpson. It made me lose any interest in even watching the show but I know I’m in the minority here. It’s been … Continue reading

5 Meat Sicilian Thick Crust Pizza

Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House of Marco Island, Florida

My family vacations in Marco Island every year at the beginning of the summer. While everyone is in full relax mode I’m scouring the island and nearing cities for worthwhile places to eat. For the last few years Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House has been my go to restaurant. Everything here is from good to great. My personal favorites is … Continue reading

You know what’s really good? The Fugazza Pizza at Loven Ovens in Medley

I hadn’t been to Loven Ovens in a few years since I moved. I was hungry and only their Fugazza Pizza would do. I drove over to their location in Doral only to realize they weren’t there anymore. After a quick internet search (not that quick, my cell phone is horrible) off to Medley I drove to fulfill my lunch … Continue reading

Pepperoni & Beef Pizza

Sir Pizza – Coral Gables, Florida

By just walking into Sir Pizza, the smells brought back great memories of my childhood. Their tagline, “Good to the Very Edge” refers to the Pizza being cut into squares, while it’s still a round pie. I know people who swear by this place and after looking at the menu….I thought “What to start with….how about the Sausage Garlic Bread?” … Continue reading

Andiamo Pie

You Know What’s Really Good: The Philly Cheesesteak At Andiamo In Miami, Florida

Andiamo! is known for their Pizza but what most folks don’t know about or have never tried is their Philly Cheesesteak. The Philly is served on Italian bread with Cheese under the Ribeye (the way it should be). I would definitely suggest you get Grilled Onions & Hot Cherry Peppers (if you can handle the heat). (this dish no longer … Continue reading

Cheese Slice

That Pizza Place On Coral Way In Miami, Florida – CLOSED

No one wants the take up the horrible task of following in the footsteps of a failure. That Pizza Place On Coral Way (great name by the way) has taken up this challenge and even dared to use the same phone number as its predecessor. The previous Pizza parlor at this same location failed miserably with their horribly bland Pizza … Continue reading