Starbucks’ Noche Culturales Tour In Miami


Starbucks closed out its “Noches Culturales” tour, a FREE live music series that launched in Los Angeles in Miami, where else? And to be exact, the center of my hometown of Westchester. “Noches Culturales” featured performances by local bands and tastings of the new Caramel … Continue reading

Let Me Introduce You To Pincho Factory’s Croquettessa

Pincho Factory - Croquettessa

“The World’s first 1/3 pound Chuck, Brisket and Short Rib Croquetta Burger Patty topped with Crunchy Pickles, Dijon Mustard and Mayo cuddled in a Brioche Bun.” And this is how love at first sight begins…..Pincho Factory’s Croquettessa Sandwich is available starting today at both locations … Continue reading

El Rey De Las Fritas Last Chance Brunch This Sunday

El Rey Is Moving

El Rey de las Fritas is moving their 107th and 16th Street location (across from FIU) in Westchester to Sweetwater. While the new location won’t be ready for a few months, the El Rey de las Fritas Food Truck will parked at its future home … Continue reading

El Palacio De Los Jugos Opens Up In Westchester

El Palacio in Westchester

As the Rock might say, Finally! El Palacio de los Jugos has come to Westchester! El Palacio de los Jugos has opened up in beautiful Westchester, the area in the United States with the largest Cuban population. It took long enough if you ask me. … Continue reading