A Visit To White Castle Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio

I grew up in the Westchester suburb of Miami in the 1980s where there was no White Castle or any type of slider available. Well, truthfully speaking there hadn’t been a White Castle in South Florida since the late 1960s. … Continue reading

White Castle Crave Mobile Party For 50? #CraveMobile

White Castle is having a Social Media contest where the winner gets a visit from the Crave Mobile for a party with 50 of your closest friends. The rules are rather simple. White Castle’s #CraveMobile Contest runs from May 28 … Continue reading

Remember The 2 White Castles In Miami? Probably Not #throwbackthursday #tbt

Whenever I mention that White Castle existed in Miami, most folks think I’m confused with Royal Castle but I’m not. I own a book called By The Sackful and in it on page 104 there’s this: A White Castle-shaped spaceship … Continue reading

White Castle In Jackson Heights, New York

If you read Burger Beast regularly and don’t know what White Castle is, you’ve got a lot to learn. White Castle is a regional burger chain that is still family operated. It was founded in 1921 and many say are … Continue reading

White Castle Slyder Scented Candle Available May 3rd, 2010

White Castle is commemorating its 18th National Hamburger Month celebration by launching a Slyder scented candle. The candle is packaged in a ceramic replica of the signature cardboard sleeve. The candle as well as new White Castle merchandise will be … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Ideas At Quickie’s Burgers And Wings, Whataburger And White Castle

Not sure what to do for Valentine’s on Sunday? Well Quickie’s Burgers & Wings, Whataburger and White Castle have got something for you. At White Castle, call in and reserve a table. You’ll have table-side service, flowers and candlelight. They … Continue reading