Orlando’s Korean BBQ Taco Box is making its way to South Florida

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I’ve been going to Orlando to check out the Food Truck scene for over a year. Every event I attended I always saw one of the 3 Korean BBQ Taco Box trucks with a bunch of folks waiting patiently in line. I had walked up to and checked out the menu but never ordered anything […]

Oblivion Taproom in Orlando, Florida

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I have a great feeling about Oblivion Taproom as we’re pulling up to it and parking. There’s something telling me this is going to be my kinda place. I had already already checked out the menu online beforehand and while it’s Burger heavy, there were quite a few other items that had my attention also […]

Krispy Krunchy Chicken sets up shop in Pompano Beach, Florida

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This wasn’t the exit I was supposed to take and to make matters worse I didn’t realize I was continuing down a road with very few “U-turn” friendly spots. On my way back to the expressway I caught some cartoony font out of the corner of my eye, something about chicken. Again, I found myself […]

Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue in Downtown Miami, Florida

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You just can’t trust the GPS on your phone. I’ve been wanting to buy one for use exclusively in my car (where else would I use it?) and it would have come in handy today. I get lost in Downtown easily but luckily Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue was easy to find after my disastrous attempt to […]

Zaxby’s – St. Augustine, Florida

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Right after arriving in St. Augustine I came across a giant billboard for Zaxby’s. The name seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. It was later on that I remembered an old friend had raved about the place (Thanks Javi). I was with my wife Marcela and she didn’t seem the least bit interested […]

164 St. Burgers & Beers – North Miami Beach, Florida

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164 St. Burgers & Beers is not some over top extravagant looking Burger Joint. It has a much more back to basics approach which is much like their food. The “Twisted” Mozzarella sticks caught my eye. It seems that they’re all out of “Twisted” sticks though. Whatever they were, only regular sticks available. No thanks. […]

Harrison’s Sports Grill – West Miami, Florida

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I drive down 57th Avenue between Coral Way and 8th Street a few times a week. Harrison’s replaced a restaurant that had seen better days and that has looked worn out for years now. Harrison’s color scheme is the same as the Hurricanes which means we know who their target audience is. It’s not too […]

O’ Sheehan’s on the Norwegian NCL EPIC Cruise Ship

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O’Sheehan’s is located on the Norwegian Cruise Ship, the EPIC. It’s open 24 hours and has a neighborhood tavern feel to it. All the food served here falls in the comfort food category aka my favorite zone. There is no cost for eating here. While you might associate that it’s free with the likelihood that […]

Burger King – San Miguel – Cozumel, Mexico

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While walking around the tourist trap area of Cozumel, I came across this outdoor Burger King counter. Once I took a look at the menu and saw the “Cheesy Whopper”, I knew there was no way I was leaving empty handed. My father was with me and mentioned that he wanted Jalapeño Poppers. Poppers….wait, what […]

Buffalo Cantina In Brooklyn, New York

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The Buffalo Cantina is best known for being the location of the pilot episode of Man v. Food. Adam Richman attempted a Wing challenge in that episode that he could not complete and later of course returned to defeat the challenge.  It’s the reason that brought us here. My wife Marcela  was convinced that she […]