109 Burger Joint in Miami, Florida

109 Burger Joint replaced A&G, the cult-favorite burger joint. 109 Burger Joint was able to turn those frowns upside down (yes, I borrowed that line from Lionel Playworld) for those A&G hardcore fans.

Because of its proximity to Florida International University, 109 Burger Joint is a hotbed for college students. In other words, their craft and local beer selection are strong.

109 Burger Joint in Sweetwater, Florida
109 Burger Joint in Miami (Sweetwater), Florida

Are They More Than Burgers?

The 109 Burger Joint menu features over 15 different eight-ounce (half-pound) specialty burgers, including The Blue Moon, America, and The Panther.

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Menu Front
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Menu Back

The restaurant is in Sweetwater, a Nicaraguan-heavy part of Miami. There is a Nica Burger on the menu, which is very popular. It’s an Angus patty with fried white cheese, mild jalapeño cream sauce, fried sweet plantains & Nicaraguan-style coleslaw.

Buffalo Wings from 109 Burger Joint in Miami, Florida
Buffalo Wings

There’s also their signature burger, the 109 Super Burger. This over-the-top creation includes American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, guava sauce, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, french fries, and mini mac balls on a half-pound burger patty.

If you like burgers with many toppings, then this is your guy.

Blue Moon Burger from 109 Burger Joint in Miami, Florida
Blue Moon Burger

My favorite is the Blue Moon Burger. This beauty features a Blue Moon beer-aged patty with blue cheese crumbles, sautéed onions, mushrooms, orange mayo, and pickles. When you order your burger, make sure to ask for your patties to be Americanized.

Americanized Cheeseburger from 109 Burger Joint in Miami, Florida
Americanized Cheeseburger

You will then get two quarter-pound patties instead of one half-pounder, which will make your chargrilled burger taste even smokier.

109 Burger Joint is PERMANENTLY CLOSED
646 SW 109 Avenue
Miami, FL
(305) 228-0109

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