Duffy’s Tavern – Coral Terrace, Florida

Just about the time I turned of legal drinking age, I went to Duffy’s Tavern for some sporting event and I remember eating their burger. Back then, a burger was just a burger to me but Duffy’s was different. It was way better than any burger I had eaten at that point. Flash forward and Duffy’s Tavern is not really the “hot spot” it was years ago but it still does have a loyal following.

I decided it might be time to give this place a go again and find out just how good their burgers are. I ordered a couple of appetizers to begin with: the Jalapeno Poppers (stuffed with Cheddar Cheese) and the Buffalo Bites ( chunks of Chicken with spicy breading). The Jalapeno Poppers are pretty standard stuff but hey, that doesn’t mean it’s bad (just what’s expected). The Buffalo Bites taste like something you might buy at Sam’s Club or Costco, not horrible but something you can definitely recreate yourself. We also tried the 1/4 lb. Chili Cheese Dog, which happens to be pretty good and pretty big (not really a fan of their chili though).

1/4 lb. Hot Dog

As for the “Duffy’s Best Burgers” portion of the menu, I ordered the Onion Burger, “smothered with Grilled Onions“, a direct quote from their menu. The smothered with Grilled Onions is a bit of an overstatement but the burger did give the burger some much flavor.

Onion Burger

Duffy’s 1/2 lb. charbroiled sirloin patty is served on a kaiser roll. The fries were ok but I would not be opposed to trying their Cheese Fries if properly executed. My wife dared to order the Duffy’s Death Burger even though the menu does not specify what’s on it. I asked our server about the ingredients and was told Horseradish, Jalapeños, and some spicy seasoning. She felt the burger wasn’t spicy at all. So I tried it and could not taste any heat whatsoever. I will leave you on this note: I shall return to Duffy’s Tavern to try one other thing: the Italian Burger (topped with Marinara Sauce and Parmesan Cheese).  This one could definitely go either way.

Duffy’s Tavern
2108 SW 57th Avenue, Miami, Fl