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Bar-B-Que Beach – Miami Beach, Florida – CLOSED

I’m not a big fan of trekking to the beach but occasionally I will get duped into going there. This is one of those cases where I’m glad to go where the story has a happy ending (not the massage parlor type although that might have made this a more interesting story). We arrived at Bar-B-Que Beach after 11PM and decided we should try some of their apps.

BBQ Potato Skins

We ordered: Deep-Fried Mushrooms (Battered & fried, smothered with melted Cheeses and Bacon, served with an amazing Horseradish sauce) , Chicken Fingers (Battered & moist Chicken Strips served with a Spicy Mustard sauce) , BBQ Potato Skins (this is the thing to get here, Potato Skins topped with Wood-Smoked Pulled Pork, Melted Cheese, Bacon, and their “Sweet Georgia Brown BBQ Sauce, my mouth is watering just thinking of this) and last but not least the Homemade Onion Rings (Giant sweet onions, sliced and battered, served with their Horseradish sauce). As if that wasn’t enough I ordered the Bacon Cheddar Burger(a half pounder topped with Cheddar Cheese and thick-sliced Apple Wood-Smoked Bacon). It’s a great burger with some great wood smoked BBQ flavor.


I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that I could not finish the burger after all the starters. Plus, my wife made sure to mention to me that she would let everyone know I didn’t so I figured I should beat her to the punch. Like I previously mentioned sometimes stories end happy, sometimes stories end badly, hmmm…. for example, like when my friend thought it would be good to park about 3 miles from our destination….even though there was parking readily available everywhere since it was a weeknight on South Beach. And after walking from the Deuce Bar (where we were parked) all the way to the Shelbourne Hotel for some Karaoke, which as luck would have it, was not open that night. I was ready to kill. Don’t you ever wish you were a shark with laser beams? I did that night.

Bar-B-Que Beach is CLOSED
1555 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL

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  • The food and BBQ there are great, especially considering there aren’t many BBQ options in Miami. One problem with BBQ Beach is the service: its awful, from the bartenders on down. I live in the area so have been frequently, and there is always a new set of workers there. Spells bad management.

  • Went to Bar-B-Que Beach Bar & Restaurant yesterday using a discount coupon from and was truly happy with our experience there. From the outside it looks like any other restaurant but when you step inside you feel like you are in the tropics. Beautiful theme restaurant. There are vines traversing all over the ceiling and walls with a life-like tree in the center of the restaurant. Some tables have a Tiki umbrella.
    A mural of a hurricane is painted on the ceiling in part of the restaurant. Several big screen TV's cover the large restaurant. The bathrooms are also in theme too. Feels like you are in the tropics in the restroom's.
    The food was fabulous. We ordered the boneless chicken with hot sauce. They give you 6 large boneless chicken pieces; dipped in a crisp batter with hot sauce and blue cheese and celery and carrot sticks. Great appetizer for two people. We also ordered the potato skins with bacon and pulled pork in each potato skin. Six pieces were given and we had enough to take home. The main course was a full rack of BBQ ribs without sauce. They give you on the table six squeeze bottles of different choice sauces ie….maple, sweet, and hot. The main course comes with 2 sides. We ordered the sweet potato mash with banana. Nice size portion for two people. Great taste with a lot of flavor. Also we ordered the spicy coleslaw; a great compliment with the meal. The drinks were served in large BALL jars.
    The service was great; friendly and helpful. Definitely a secret find in Miami Beach and reasonably priced. Great specials during the week. Plan on returning real soon!!!!

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