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Mao Colombian Fast Food – Westchester, Florida

Mao is the first of the Colombian fast food places popping up all over Miami that I tried. I had a few friends tell me to try this place out and I kinda took my time to go there. I don’t know why but when I did I was surprised at how different it was. The burger aka Super Hamburguesa is a burger with melted Mozzarella Cheese, Potato Sticks, Ham, Pineapple sauce, and an Egg. You can add Bacon if you’d like and about 5 different sauces that vary from a Guacamole-like sauce to a Curry to a Pink sauce (which I think is a ketchup-mayo combination).

The flavors can be a little overwhelming to the taste buds. I didn’t fully grasp everything the first time I ate here and I learned to pick and choose the toppings that made the best combination for me. I like the Curry and the Pink sauce but the patty is the least flavorful part of the sandwich. It is actually pretty horrible and a frozen patty.

Super Perro

The Super Perro is a Jumbo Hot Dog with all the toppings of the burger minus the Egg and Ham plus some Parmesan cheese topping. It might the safest bet for the first time you eat here. If you do end up at Mao order the Maicito which is a can of Corn with melted Mozzarella Cheese and Sauces plus optional Chicken and Bacon toppings. That dish will make you glad you made the trip.

Mao Colombian Fast Food
8438 SW 40th St Miami, Fl33155 

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  • Omg! Maicito! I go to this place almost every week and order one of those. Amazing combination. It looked kinda gross the first time I saw it, but I believe I was pregnant so I didn’t care. Absolutely delectable.

  • peter

    en verdad calidad de comida y salsa la mejor de miami y como dijo la chica luisa en verdad la machorra cuando le cae bien la gente o le gusta alguna chica trata bien la gente de lo contario es un mierda para atender a la gente lastima por el dueño que todo lo contrario

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